During the final race of the Enduro World Series in Finale ligure, we used the opportunity to take a closer look at the BMC Trailfox TF01 of American enduro racer Aaron Bradford. After some successes in cyclocross and cross country racing Aaron gained attention at the fourth EWS stop in Winter Park Colorado recently.

Aaron setzt voll auf die großen Laufräder. Nach einigen Tests erwies sich das 29er für ihn als das vielseitigste und schnellste Rad.
Aaron and his BMX Trailfox 29er

At the start of the season Aaron spend lots of time testing the different wheels sizes. In the end, the decision was made on the brand new BMC Trailfox 29 in size M.

Leichter Carbonrahmen mit 150mm Federweg - Das Trailfox TF 01 ist das perfekte Racebike
The carbon frame with 150mm travel weights only 2490 grams, including shock, axle and protection pads.

Suspension performance is a very important factor for Aaron, so he invested more than 200 hours in his setup for the upcoming season. During his tests, he also experimented with the new electronic Lockout by Fox, called iCD. Even after all his setup sessions, he hasn’t a general setup that fits for all types of terrain, depending on the trail he will vary compression and rebound. On the rough tracks in Finale he rode with 25% SAG at the front and rear. The rebound on his fork was set to two clicks, his rear shock was slower to prevent him from going over the bars.

Beim Fahrwerk setzt er auf die Komponenten aus dem Hause Fox - 34 Talas 150mm an der Front und Float CTD Dämpfer am Heck.
Fox 34 Talas with 150mm travel at the front…
In den letzen Wochen investierte Aaron bereits über 200 Stunden in das Setup seines 2014er Fahrwerks.
… and a Fox Float CTD rear shock. Aaron uses the platform to save energy on long climbs

Aarons cockpit is built from Easton Parts. The Haven handlebar is mounted on a 55mm stem from the same product-line and is equipped with lock-on grips. Shimanos XTR Trail brakes with 200/180 disc setup provide optimal braking.

Gebremst wird Aaron von Shimano XTR Trail Bremsen mit 200mm Scheiben vorne und 180mm hinten.
No adapters need with the 180mm disc at the rear.

Two highlights on the bike for sure are the bell to warn slower riders in front of him of the tracks and the modified trigger he uses to control the Fox D.O.S.S.

Zwei besondere Details. Zum einen die Klingel um langsamer Vordermänner auf sich aufmerksam zu machen und ein modifizierter Schalthebel zum Absenken der Sattelstütze.
Running a single chainring setup, Aaron is using a modified trigger to control his Fox D.O.S.S. seatpost.
Schlauch und Trinkflasche finden Platz im Rahmendreieck.
Spare tube and his water bottle are placed in the frame triangle.

Shimanos high-end XTR group can be found on the drivetrain of the Trailfox 29er. As mentioned, Aaron runs a single chainring with chainguide instead of front shifter. It’s a 34t chainring in the front an a Shadow Plus derailleur in the rear.

Das XTR-Shadow plus Schaltwerk und der Shimano Chainguide halten die Kette auf Kurs.
The combination of XTR-Shadow derailleur and a Shimano chainguide keep the chain in the right place.
34 Zähne vorne und 11-36 hinten reichen dem Amerikaner im Rennmodus.
34 teeth at the front and a 11-36 cassette are enough for the young American.

It is not just the cockpit, but also the wheels are from Haven. The carbon wheels weight 1590 grams! Tire choice is dependent upon the tracks, but always tubeless.

Tubeless gehört mittlerweile zum guten Ton. Je nach Strecke montiert Aaron Continental oder Geax Reifen.
Tire choice is dependent on the tracks, but always tubeless.
Ordentlich Schräglage auf der 5. Stage des Rennens in Finale.
Aaron was riding hard in Finale and finished 22nd.

The BMC Trailcrew in Finale Ligure

More about Aaron: www.aaronbradford.com
More about his bike: BMC-Website.

Words: Aaron Steinke | Photos: Christoph Bayer