In these times of enduro racing, Enduro World Series, and Strava, we sometimes forget what mountain biking is all about: riding fun, action, nature, and sheer pleasure. We had all of that and a lot more in Lermoos, Austria.


Together with Petrick Brückner and Joost Wichmann we painted the trails red around Lermoos and the local bathing lake! Everyone who knows these two riders also knows that they can really turn it on. But even for them, true speed requires the utmost concentration and a certain level of stress – which is something you do not really want from an everyday ride. ’Trail cruisin’ and enjoying nature were the name of the game during press camp. Fortunately, the Granite Chief was a perfect fit for this purpose! Why? You will find out here:


The Granite Chief can be individually tailored by Rose’s on-line bike configurator, which is why we will not go into detail regarding the components. The developer Max Sistenich equipped the 2014 models with a few new features:

Compared to the 2013 models, the kinematics of the 145 mm rear suspension has been changed. Now, the rear works with a lower leverage ratio and correspondingly less air pressure, reducing stress on the shock and the bearings.

In addition, the Granite Chief was adapted to industry standards by fitting a tapered steerer tube and a direct mount for the front derailleur. In another significant update, the bike now rolls on 27.5” wheels.


These alterations are immediately noticeable on the trail. In comparison to the rather progressive rear suspension of the 2013 model, the 2014 model provides a very plush feeling and, thanks to the new chassis kinematics and larger 27.5” wheels, generates more traction.

At a comfortable pace, the chassis provides good performance: it sensibly offers a lot of traction on ascents, whereas on downhills and in corners it absorbs hits due to its rather linear spring rate curve, making use of the entire travel range without bottoming out.

P1090895 P1090881

We would appreciate a more ‘robust’ and a more progressive suspension for aggressive riders, staying in the higher range of the travel and offering more feedback. When crossing larger hurdles or steps, the rear tends to ‘get stuck’, leading to a reduction in speed and momentum. Playing with the terrain or actively speeding ahead makes the rear suspension blow through the middle travel. An undefined handling in such situations is the result.


With 434 mm chainstays, the hard numbers would suggest they are rather short. Unfortunately, these measurements (by themselves) are not the measure of all things when it is about maneuverability and agility. A by-product of the rather longer reach of 420 mm and the high stack is that more pressure is required to push the bike in and around tight corners. Furthermore, the high standover height slightly reduces the subjective feeling of safety. Overall, the Granite Chief presents itself pretty substantially and tends to stay plush and calm on the trail.

27.5" ist das Maß der Dinge! Am Testbike waren die bewährten Schwalbe Hans Dampf Reifen verbaut.
27.5” is the measure of all things. The test bike was equipped with the reliable Hans Dampf tires by Schwalbe.
Der Viergelenker-Hinterbau besitzt 145mm an Federweg und kommt 2014 mit linearer und schluckfreudiger Kennlinie.
The four-pivot rear suspension offers 145 mm of travel,the 2014 version will come with a linear and forgiving spring characteristic curve.
Statt 1x11 oder 2x10 Setup, fanden wir am Testbike eine 3-fach Kurbel. Für Touren in den Alpen top, für Racing flop!
Instead of a 1×11 or 2×10 setup, the test bike surprised us with a triple crankset. Top for touring through the Alps, flop for racing!
Viele Hebel für viel Funktion? Oder zu viel des Guten? Das muss jeder für sich (Im Online-Konfigurator) entscheiden.
With many levers for many functions, is it good to be in command or simply control overload? You have the power to decide by using the online-configurator!
Rose Granite Chief Preis: ab 1599 Euro – je nach Auswahl im Online-Bike-Konfigurator Preis nach oben offen.
Rose Granite Chief
Price: starting from 1,599 Euro. Depending on the choices made in the online-bike-configurator, the price can escalate without limit.

As can be noted from its setup, and also from its rear suspension characteristics, this bike is not aimed at being the fastest, but instead offers great comfort and capability. For the custom setup, we would choose either one or two chainrings instead of the three mounted to the test bike, as well as a wider cockpit. Still, these are not points of criticism, but rather observations of personal preferences. And that is why we stopped at a nice mountain lake – after all, the focus was on the fun factor. At least in our case – as mentioned before, personal preferences come first. As we know, these never fall short at Rose either, thanks to the bike configurator!

P1090911 P1090919

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Words: Robin Schmitt | Photo: Petrik Brückner

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