After BikeYoke’s Triggy had been announced a few weeks ago, but was only available for front fed cable posts, the guys from BikeYoke received a lot of questions about compatibility with the new Fox Transfer, or RockShox Reverb dropper posts. Now they present two new versions to feed this demand. All details directly from BikeYoke.

BikeYoke “DeHy” – Reverb cable conversion kit

RockShox Reverb is undoubtedly the most popular drop-post on the planet, but it features a lever some people think could be improved in ergonomics and compatibility.Some may ask, how this could even work since RockShox´s Reverb is actuated by a hydraulic hose, whereas Triggy is a wire based remote. 
For the past few months, BikeYoke has already been working on something very clever, which is now available and unique in the market:
 The hydraulic hose, including the actuation assembly, is only externally attached to the post. So why not simply replacing it with a wire and a small lever unit, that replaces the original bottom part at the seatpost?


No more remote hydraulics involved, no more remote bleeding needed, constant actuation feeling, regardless of temperature. 
Replacing these parts takes just a few minutes and does not involve any opening of the post – Reverb´s internal hydraulics remain completely untouched. 
Removing the remote hose and the actuator assembly from the bottom of the post is all you have got to do and then replace it with the Reverb conversion kit and you are ready to connect your Reverb with BikeYoke´s Triggy or another cable remote, such as Specialized SLR, Kindshock Southpaw, RaceFace HopUp, …

The Reverb conversion kit will work with all Reverb Stealth models.
The Reverb conversion kit will work with all Reverb Stealth models.

DeHy also builds much shorter than the original Connectamajig actuation and provides extra space for seat tube insertion, when having a very short seat tubes. The “DeHy” Reverb conversion kit allows you to use any Reverb Stealth version in combination with a regular cable actuating lever (front fed).


It comes including all parts needed to convert your Reverb Stealth to cable actuation:

1x actuating/linkage unit
1x barrel cable clamp
1x inner cable
1x cable housing
2x housing end caps
1x inner cable end cap

It retails for € 62.99 (excl. VAT). Shipping is free worldwide, when ordering directly from

If you don´t already have a suitable remote, or if you want to use it in combination with BikeYoke´s Triggy, then there will be a complete set (Reverb conversion kit + Triggy) for € 92.35 (excl. VAT). Of course, the complete set is also available with BikeYoke´s Shimano I-Spec adapters fo a small upcharge.

Reverb conversion kit is ready for preorders now and will be shipped to customers by end of August.

TRIGGY – Fox Transfer version now available

Receiving many emails, asking about compatibility with the new Fox Transfer dropper post, BikeYoke decided to offer a second version, which allows the use with post designs like Fox Transfer, Giant Contact Switch SL, Thomson covert, Gravity Dropper – those are all posts, that have the cable end clamped at the remote lever while the cable head is located at the seatpost.

Front fed version
Front fed version
Rear fed version
Rear fed version

Just as the original front fed Triggy, the rear fed version also directly mates with SRAM´s matchmakers or attach to your Shimano brake with BikeYoke´s own I-Spec B and I-Spec II adapters. The I-Spec B plate can be flipped to have the arm facing left or right. Two threads in the remote body allow fine positioning to the inside or outside. 
Rear fed versions are already available for orders. Shipping to customers will start by the beginning of August and will retail for the same price as its front fed sibling: € 50.42 including worldwide shipping (excl. VAT).
You can check out more about BikeYoke´s products and place your order directly on


If you have ever experienced decreasing shifting performance on your SRAM 1x drivetrain in muddy conditions, then the cable pulley might be worth a closer look. The original pulley does not feature any bearing and just rotates around its plastic body on a steel axle. Dirt can be very abrasive and cause the pulley to fray and create extra friction to an extent, where the pulley does not want to rotate properly anymore. Especially in fast gears, where the cable tension gets low, the pulley might not want to move anymore, forcing the shift cable to slide over the pulley rather than rotating with the pulley. The result is decreased shifting quality in fast gears.

BikeYoke´s “Shifty” replaces the original plastic pulley with an aluminium wheel, which rotates around a low friction 2RS-sealed ceramic bearing. Shifty comes in two versions: black and gold anodised with lasered logo-finish and retails for € 26.82 (excl. VAT).

Price: € 26.82 (excl. VAT).
Weight: < 7 g

Compatibility: SRAM 1×11 or 1×12 rear derailleur from NX up to XX1.

Shifty_G.112 Shifty_G.110

BIKEYOKE – Shock extensions now available for new metric shocks.

BikeYoke´s shock extensions for Specialized bikes have been around for a few months now. They already cover almost all Enduro, Stumpjumper and SX-Trail models from 2010 and newer. Now there are new shock extensions available for all Enduro 29, all Enduro 650b and some Stumpjumper models that allow riders to run the new metric-sized shocks. This means you can install a new metric 210×55 (for Enduro) or 190×45 (for Stumpjumper) shock into your bike, while keeping your original geometry.


BikeYoke is currently working on BikeYokes for Cambers, and they expect to have them ready for customers, soon.
For more information head to

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Words & Photos: Bike Yoke