Bionicon has been producing innovative bike and parts out of Tegernsee, Germany for over a dozen years. They even received 3 Design & Innovation Awards from us this year! For 2015 they are adding quite a few new updates to their product line. Some are as simple as new colours and pricing, some are new components entirely! Here are all the details:

Everyone who pre-ordered his model, should have receive it during the next few days.

The first EVOs are being assembled for pre-orderers. As soon as they are shipped normal orders can be processed. From March stock bikes will be available and these can be ordered now.

Prices start at € 2610 for the X9 ‘I’ spec with Guide R brakes. The top X0-1 ‘0’ spec with Guide RSC brakes costs € 3240 with our Payless program.

An edison EVO with Rock Shox Pike RC And Monarch + RC3 and without the Bionicon system costs € 3150 including the Payless discount in the otherwise identical 0 spec.

A Kindshock LEV Integra dropper post with 125mm or 150mm is standard with all bike specs

DT Swiss (‘0’ spec) or Hope wheels (‘1’ spec) are also standard.

New edison EVO colours

The previously announced colour options of red or grey divided opinion, and that’s just fine! Following numerous enquiries and positive feedback from customers after pictures of a raw edison EVO reach the media we’ve decided to create a special ‘raw’ edition of the EVO frame in order to offer a simpler ‘colour scheme’.

The raw aluminium frames are sanded and then given a matt clear coat in order to preserve the raw look and protect the surface structure. Orders submitted now will be delivered with the next frame shipment to HQ in May. Of course customers can make use of the Bionicon Payless program, which offers an additional 10% discount to our direct distribution pricing.

Ab Mai wird das Evo auch in schlichtem "Blank" erhältlich sein
Starting in May, there will be an raw version of the Edison EVO available

New rear shock

In co-operation with X-Fusion from April a new rear shock will be available for the EVO. The X-Fusion Vector Air HLR “blackline“ can be specced with any edison EVO. This gives customers a choice between the Magura TS-RC and the X-Fusion Vector Air HLR “blackline“.

The X-Fusion Vector HLR “blackline“ is an exclusive limited series produced only for Bionicon with a complete black look. Both the air chamber and damper body are given a special low friction black finish. The shock has independently adjustable rebound, high-and low speed compression, bottom out (end progression) and of course spring rate via air pressure. The damping circuit has been custom tuned for the EVO rear suspension system.

Der X-Fusion Vector HLR „blackline“ ist eine exklusiv für Bionicon aufgelegte Sonderserie in komplett schwarzem Kleid, die sonst so nicht auf dem Markt verfügbar ist.
The new ‘blackline’ series is a result of the cooperation with X-Fusion

The shock is available from April and can be ordered immediately.

New fork variant

A further special project realised with X-Fusion is the Metric fork in “blackline“, which gets black-coated stanchions – once again exclusive to Bionicon.
Bionicon has more than 10 years experience using its own, proven black stanchions.
Now many other fork manufacturers have followed our lead and too have gone black. Other coatings (e.g. extreme gold) often lose their gloss after a few months, which lead to a loss of slipperiness. Our black coating is extremely low friction, hard and resistant to wear. It keeps its colour and low friction for many years.

The Metric “blackline“ will be available at the same time as the X-Fusion rear shock exclusively for the edison EVOs from April.

Bionicon 27.5 Dual crown fork 180mm

We are currently working on a completely new dual crown fork, which is optimised for 27.5″ wheels and will offer 180mm travel.
The fork will boast a further re-fined G3 damping system based on our 2013 HLM damping technology, which utilises 3 different, tuneable valves for oil flow in the compression damping circuit.

New B-Rings

Following huge demand from the award winning B-Rings introduced last Autumn we are introducing new versions of the oval chainrings. Joining the existing 104mm 4-bolt and GXP direct mount versions will be direct mount SRAM BB30/PF30 versions as well as 5-bolt 110mm variants for the increasing community of single-chainring cyclocross riders. They can choose between 38 and 42 teeth gear rations.

Vor kurzem bereits mit dem Designs and Innovation Award ausgezeichnet gibt des die B-Rings bald in noch mehr Varianten
There will be more variants of the B-Ring oval chainring, which was awarded with the Design & Innovation Award recently

Both new variants will be available from March. In April they will be joined by a Race Face Cinch version too!

X-Fusion Metric after market cartridge

Based on our 2×2 USD² air cartridge as fitted to all Bionicon bikes an upgrade version will be available which can be fitted to all standard X-Fusion Metric forks.

The USD² principle is based on two floating air chambers, which do not count towards the unsuspended mass of the bike. Thanks to the USD² principle whereby two pistons compress the air chamber from each side the unsuspended mass of the 2×2 USD² cartridge is less than 25g. The benefit of this is improved suspension sensitivity and reaction times during both compression and rebound strokes.
The cartridge weighs just 245g and is available with either 160 or 180mm travel and features the same infinite travel adjustment down to 80mm. A 170mm travel version is also available to special order.

Unique to our USD² principle is the chance to meaningfully influence the shape of the spring curve by using different pressures in the two separately fillable air chambers. This allows the spring rate to be set from linear to extremely progressive via external air valves.

The price of € 339 includes the handlebar remote lever to operate the fork travel adjustment


Bionicon introduced its new bonus program a few months ago. This gives an additional 10% discount to our already very attractive direct distribution model pricing. The 10% discount is just for bikers who plan ahead and are happy to wait for 12 weeks until they get their bike. This supports our logistics and planning which is why we are able to offer such a great deal!

Payless bietet Vorbestellern einen attraktiven Rabatt
The Payless Programm offers a attractive discount for pre-orders.

Key Facts

  • Deposit of € 500 due on ordering bike
  • Delivery within 12 weeks
  • 10% discount off original price
  • Balance payable one week before delivery

For those of you who don’t want to wait the edison EVOs can be ordered for immediate delivery from stock and are dispatched (or can be collected) within a few days. The Payless –Program isn’t available for these orders.

Words Bionicon PR Photos:Bionicon / Fabian Rapp

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