Cane Creek introduces the DBcoil [IL] and VALT lightweight spring; a streamlined coil shock designed specifically for shorter-mid travel bikes. Born of a desire to bridge the performance gap between trail bikes and long travel downhill rockets, the new DBcoil[IL] should bring all of the function of a external reservoir coil shock into a lighter and sleeker package. All details directly from Cane Creek:

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For years riders have had to sacrifice carrying the weight of a coil shock in order to get the performance and consistency that they desire. The linear nature and off the top sensitivity of a coil spring makes it unbeatable in terms of smoothness and feel while superior heat dissipation provides improved endurance. However, the DBcoil [IL] had a tough start.

“This shock almost never left the R&D lab”, says design engineer Brandon Blakely.

In its early stages of development, the DBcoil [IL] was a dismissed project deemed not worth pursuing. That didn’t stop Blakely from chasing the idea on his own in the evenings after work. A few weeks later, he showed up on a ride with a mashed together first version DBCOIL [IL]. It weighed substantially less, looked interesting and had that muted coil shock sensation coupled with Twin Tube capability. A small run of shock prototypes were then sent out into the field. These returned with excellent feedback; thus bringing this rebel shock to life.

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DBcoil [IL] offers the same unique features Double Barrel shocks are known for: proprietary CS-optimized climbing damping, Twin Tube suspension technology, 4-way adjustability and unparalleled performance. Cane Creek complements this innovation with the new VALT lightweight spring option. Designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing action or durability, the high quality steel in VALT allows for less material to be used in the coils. Riders can enjoy the performance benefit and consistency without taking on the weight penalty.

The DBcoil [IL] and VALT springs are available now through your local retailer, factory direct and exclusively on select GHOST 2017 models.
The DBcoil [IL] and VALT springs are available now through your local retailer, factory direct and exclusively on select GHOST 2017 models.

DB Coil [IL] features include:

  • Twin-Tube Design. Setting the DBcoil[IL] apart, oil circulates continuously through externally adjustable shock valves. On the trail, this routing of oil translates into less fade, more control, and greater consistency making it the most highly capable inline coil shock on the market.
  • Four-Way Independent Adjustment. Like other Double Barrel shocks, the DBcoil[IL] offers an unparalleled range of adjustability through external adjusters that independently control each phase of damping without crossover effects.
  • Patented Climb Switch (CS) Technology. When engaged, both low-speed compression and low-speed rebound damping settings are altered simultaneously to achieve improved pedal efficiency and less chassis motion while maximizing traction.
  • Base Tunes and the DIALED App. Cane Creek’s online Tune Finder provides riders with frame-specific recommended settings based on bike geometry and rider input. From there, riders are encouraged to fine tune their suspension for personal styles and preferences using Cane Creek’s free mobile Tuning App DIALED.
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Weight: 285 grams (216 x 63 damper only)

Damping: Twin-tube independent compression & rebound in two high-speed and four low-speed damping circuits

Valt Lightweight Spring (Must be purchased separately)


Four-way independent adjustment:
• High-speed compression
• Low-speed compression
• High-speed rebound
• Low-speed rebound
• Climb Switch On/Off Anodized and laser-etched Standard


190 x 50mm (7.48”x 1.96”)
200 x 50mm (7.87”x 1.96”)
200 x 57mm (7.87”x 2.24”)
216 x 63mm (8.5” x 2.48”)
190x40mm (7.48” x 1.56”)
190x45mm (7.48” x 1.77”)
210x50mm (8.2” x 1.96”)
210x55mm (8.2” x 2.16”)

Mounting Interface: High performance low friction bushing 1/2” universal axle

Manufacturing: Handbuilt in North Carolina, USA

For more information head to the Cane Creek website

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Words & Photos: Cane Creek