Danny MacAskills “The Ridge” captivated the masses, 26 million views in fact, very unusual for a bike film. However, this was no ordinary biking edit, it followed Danny as he climbed a ridge to dizzying heights while carrying his bike and no rope. As he makes his way down the spectacular Scottish trails, he continues to impress the audience with absolutely ridiculous stunts. This series of 4 videos shows the works and dedication that was needed to make the video possible.

Danny Macaskill - "The Ridge"
Danny Macaskill – “The Ridge”

” Inaccessible Pinnacle ” is about Danny’s climb to the ridge , without a safety net, with his bike on the back.

“The front flip” shows what went into the famous “Bump Front Flip” over the fence. Danny had to try this one numerous times before he got the shot. He saved the shot for the end of the end of filming, knowing it was the most dangerous.

“The Ledge” features Danny and the crew scoping out the location for this simple yet harrowing trail ride. Climbing in the pouring rain, they weren’t prepared for the reality of the exposure when the visibility cleared.

The fourth clip “The Gap” shows one of the most difficult tricks, jumping from a boulder to an uphill landing that put a huge strain on the body and bike.

Text & Photos: Press Release

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