You might have noticed already, but let us remind you: Christmas is coming! The festive season is awesome, it means snowy (or at least muddy!) trails, epic night rides and a few days break from the job on one hand, however it also means having to find cool presents for everyone on the other. But we can help! We asked some of our international editors and team members for their personal tips for great Christmas presents!

Christoph Bayer, Chief Editor Germany, Murnau (GER)

TOGU Bike Balance Board

Getting fit in winter – this is the big goal of my winter workout this year. With the help of the TOGU Bike Balance board, you can train your bike-specific fitness in a playful way indoors, even on cold, rainy days!

Togu (1 von 1)


Lupine Piko

The short daylight-period makes it really hard, to do sports after a day of work. The Lupine Piko is the perfect light for every occasion, no matter if you’re jogging, biking or skiing! Due to its various mounting options, the light weight construction and the massive light-output, it’s a great companion for every adventure at night!




Is there anything better than loosening your tight muscles in front of your fireplace on a cold winters day? For sure there is, but in this case, the results of regular Blackroll sessions are impressive! The perfect training toy for better recovery and more mobility!



Mr Bear Family – Moustache Wax Woodland

I know, Movember is over, but still the MR. Bear Family Mustache Wax Woodland is a must-have for every man! The smell of pine woods is as amazing as the easy application!



EVOC CP 26l Camera Pack

As a professional photographer, it’s my job to shoot the perfect family Christmas picture every year. Thanks to the EVOC CP 26l, and its well-thought out compartments, I can easily take all my stuff to our Christmas gathering. The perfect gift for your mate, who’s supplying you with pictures all season long. You know exactly who I mean!



Jim Buchanan, UK Editor, Shropshire (UK)

Christmas is nearly upon us, and lets face it, we like to buy presents around this time of year whether it be for others, or much more importantly a little treat for ourselves! Here in Shropshire (UK) the weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse, or better if you like the cold, wet and muddy conditions. So I’ve chosen three products that become majorly popular around these parts at this time of year. They fit the criteria of being very useful for winter riding, not too expensive, and two of which originate from the Shropshire area.

INVISIFRAME Frame Protection

Invisiframe is a Shrewsbury based firm, they make clear vinyl frame protection sticker kits, available in matt or gloss. Lots of you will be spending or have recently spent some big money on their pride and joy, but for an extra bit of money that much-loved possession can be fully wrapped in clear 3M™ protection, saving it from any of those annoying scratches, cable rubs, stone chips, mud grind and in-transit bike-on-bike damage.

Stickers cover all the vulnerable parts
Stickers cover all the vulnerable parts

€76 (fame) / €23 (forks) / €16,50 (cranks):

ROCKGUARDZ Down-tube Protection and Mudguards

Based on the Shropshire border and getting extremely popular is this small firm making bespoke carbon guards to keep the stone and rock hits from damaging your bike whilst out on the trail. These very sexy looking bits of carbon are all hand made by various locals in and around the county then shipped worldwide. At the start of every season these guys are flat out, taking moulds of all the new bikes to create their simple but very effective dent stopping protection to fit each and every model.

The new Evo2 really is a pimp guard
The new Evo2 – Rock Protection at it’s finest.

Their mudguards are more of generic thing, not having to be moulded to different types of forks. They are made from carbon and come available in three lengths (short, med, long) plus they have a fresh new model released called the evo2. They attach very simply with two cable ties around the fork bridge and two more around the legs. The newer model now comes with extra rubber pads around the fitting areas for less rub and eliminates any movement, more of a domed nose and the rear has more of a kick-up to catch the mud fling. The Evo 2 is the stiffest of all the mudguards, and weighs in at a mere 100g.

from €45.50:

SEALSKINZ Waterproof Socks

In my opinion these are the best socks for winter use, when it comes to keeping the wet out. As they are so long your kneepads will over-lap, thus avoiding the dreaded run-down of water through the top of the socks on the wettest of days. They are totally waterproof, and have a thermal rating of 3, insteps and ankle offer more support being elasticated and they come lined with good old merino wool for comfort and moisture control. They are also breathable and windproof using 3layer Stretchdry technology

Long is best
Long is best


Aaron Steinke, Web Director, Stuttgart (GER)

77designz bottle opener

You’re a big fan of 1×11 drivetrains and always wondered, why do so many manufacturers still attach this ugly direct-mount thing to the seat tube? Stop wondering and start loving it! It’s made for the awesome bottle opener from 77designz! Easy to attach and highly effective.



KERO Nomad USB-cable

If someone is a biker, chances are high that he’s on the road a lot and a having a charging cable at hand is essential for his Strava performance. Since it’s Kickstarter campaign, this well-made and durable USB cable is my constant companion on my keyring. Available with MicroUSB and Lightning Connector.



Limited Enduro Cap

This just in: A new batch of ENDURO Snapback Caps is available. Show your passion! How to get one? Write an email to, €30 special offer. But hey, don’t tell anybody!

Unter allen "Whistleblowern" verlosen wir eine ENDURO Cap.


Jaybirds BluebudsX

Reporting from races and many events, I’m on the road a lot, and the BluebudsX from Jaybird are one of my travel essentials. The sweatproof, ultra-compact bluetooth headphones are barely noticeable and sound great! The perfect headset for sports, indoor training and every-day use!



Trev Worsey, Chief Editor UK, Innerleithen (UK)

There is no such thing as a bad single malt whisky, just some that are not as good as others. And there is no better place to savour a good whisky than at the top of a mountain top, surrounded by the rugged landscape that shaped the complex drink. So my most prized Christmas gift is an 8oz hunters flask, compact enough to throw in a backpack, but with 4 small stainless cups and enough golden nectar for a hearty dram each, it is a great way to celebrate doing something epic with your good buddies. My personal mountain drink of choice has always been a Laphroaig 10 year old, the mix of peaty smokiness will forever remind me of good times on the hill. This is the perfect gift for every whisky drinker who likes to share a dram or two with friends!

£55.99: Rothery Flask

Racing pain-1922

And for outdoor drinking, you have to keep toasty, so my second Christmas wish is this awesome Vaude Bormio jacket, packing Polartec® Alpha® insulation. Light enough to stuff in a pack, and warm enough to fight off the cold if the après biking celebrations run on. Though not a riding jacket, in Scotland it has become my sanctuary from the icy grip of winter. Merry Christmas everyone!

€225: Vaude

Robin Schmitt, Director, Leonberg (GER)

Brooks Pickwick Backpack

For when a briefcase is too formal and a hydration pack is too casual. The modern professional needs something to carry his trendy electronics and wayfarer sunglasses in style. This svelte pack is handmade in Italy, made from a waterproof textile and leather. Comes in 2 sizes corresponding with what Macbook you own.



Stromer ST-2 E-Bike

This Swiss E-bike is a great way to get your two wheel fix on your way to and from work. It features an anti-theft system and smartphone connectivity. The integrated battery and hub motor keep it looking stylish and the high volume wheels should absorb your curb-jumping antics!

stromer_präsentation_move-1-von-15 (1)


USWE F4 Pro Backpack

The USWE is simply the best pack I’ve used. The unique strap system eliminates the waist strap. Instead it has a fully adjustable, elastic “X” over the chest that keeps it very secure. Perfect for stealing Strava KOMs!


€120: USWE

Have a merry Christmas everyone!

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