What does a pro-downhiller do in the off-season? Mountainbiking of course!
At the end of 2012 Ferdinand and Robin visited 4-times national champ Bernat Guardia at his hometrails near Barcelona, Spain to go for an enduro ride.


“Typical German” – Bernat’s welcoming words let us know immediately that we have taken the meeting time a little too seriously. At precisely 9.00AM we arrived at his house, a 45-minute-car-drive north of Barcelona, near the Costa del Maresme.

We had time to take a small tour through Bernat’s “holy garage” where we found his workshop and over a decade of bike history. In the meantime more friends had arrived with Spanish calmness, so we were ready to start the ride about 10.00AM.


Eight riders headed uphill in amazing scenery overlooking the ocean, where we started to get our first impressions on what we had to expect on the downhills. Also in the “vista” was an old car wreck which we used for the obligatory facebook group photo. Yes: Strava, Instagram and Facebook are very common in Spain – augmented reality is the game!


Our favourite game this day: “Chase Bernat on his hometrails”. This is a ‘mission impossible’ not even Tom Cruise could win!


A short stop at a fountain to get some fresh, cold water.


Ferdinand in a rocky section: The talented German young gun was blown away by the amazing trails around Barcelona – as well as by the Tapas and the spanish girls of course!


Pleasure before pleasure: BBQ follows an enduro ride in the “casa” Guardia. Bernat, Ferdinand, Miki (FLTR)


A spontanous photo session – who can take the best shot with his cell phone? …


… Bernats skills in corners are undeniable – even on the BMX.


This Sunday was the perfect example of our vision of enduro, that it is far more than just riding your bikes. You shouldn’t take the sport too seriously, but should focus more on having a good time with your friends and your family – on and off the bike! Why should “enduro” end when you take off your helmet at home? A good day of enduro riding for us is much more a social event, that can include BBQ’s, discussions about daily life and cold beers just the same as tech-talk and the bike ride itself. In this sense – Hasta la vista!

Words & photos Robin Schmitt, Dídac Guàrdia (1)

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