With the 2017 Season almost upon us, the organisers of the Enduro World Series dropped some very exciting, and surprising news today.

Keen to maintain the sport’s foundations of participation, fun and inclusivity, they have released news of a series of Challenger Events that will run in conjunction with the main rounds. These fun events will offer some of the thrills of the main race, without the pressure of riders like Richie Rude charging down behind. As the sport continues to professionalise, it’s great to see the showcase series keeping their focus firmly on fun.

From the EWS organisers: Although the EWS has a reputation for hosting some of the toughest races on the planet, the all new Challenger Events will offer a more relaxed option for anyone who wants to try EWS level racing without committing themselves to the full course. Taking place the day before the main EWS race in Rotorua, Tasmania, Ireland and Whistler, these races will give riders the chance to experience a selection of the stages being used in the main race. The Challengers are designed to offer a fun, mellow atmosphere whilst still offering world class trails, with each featuring three or four stages from the race the following day. And Challenger racers can then stay and cheer their heroes down some of the same trails they’ve just raced the day before.

The EWS Challengers open for entry on enduroworldseries.com on February 15th, and places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Chris Ball, Managing Director of the Enduro World Series, said: “We’re all really excited about the new Challenger events. They’re a great way to get the full EWS experience with none of the pressure – just incredible riding with your mates and then the chance to rub shoulders with the best mountain bikers in the world the next day.”

More information about the Challenger events can be found here

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Words: Photos: Enduro World Series