The racing is on! With today’s prologue in the heart of Castiglione della Pescaia this historic race has just begun!


Riders tackled a fast course down through the town’s medieval streets.

Enduro World Series Prologue Punta Ala 2013-1070141

The changing weather conditions highly influenced the stage. In the beginning it rained heavily!


Due to the large number of over 500 participants it took quite a long time – enough that the track could dry out for the last (top) riders.

Enduro World Series Prologue Punta Ala 2013-1070130

On the top of the village’s hill the racers were really focussed! Well, nearly! John Hauer, Curtis Keene and Anneke Beerten looking happy – seems like they knew what to do: PEDAL TO THE METAL!

Enduro World Series Prologue Punta Ala 2013-1070124

Preparing for the prologue there was some creativity in the game: Blinky aka Sam Blenkinsop removed the backpack from his backpack. Ha!

Enduro World Series Prologue Punta Ala 2013-1070127

Within the rules but definitely too much: A slick tire shouldn’t be on an enduro bike!

Enduro World Series Punta Ala 2013 Jared Graves Yeti SB-66

That is how we like it: Jared Graves showed up with the bike how he would ride it on sunday’s race! Even with the water bottle for the 40sec-prologue!

Enduro World Series Prologue Punta Ala 2013-1070166

Jey and Pauline in the finish area! Happy!

Enduro World Series Punta Ala 2013 Greg Minaar Santa Cruz Bronson-1070145-2

The local guys from i-mtb.com after the prologue – that is what enduro is about. Going to the races with your buddies and having a good time!

Enduro World Series Prologue Punta Ala 2013-1070168

About all those of you worrying that enduro might get to serious: As long as we have the likes Ben Cruz we shouldn’t worry. Cheers!

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