Back in the 90’s after the production of the Comp 16 Michelin were the kings of the MTB tyre war, no contest. Since then they seemed to have lost their crown to many other tyre manufacturers, until now that is! This is probably one of the most impressive come-backs I have seen at the show, showcasing 4 amazing looking Enduro specific tyres, all developed by Fabian Barrel and Nico Voulios. They have the Rock R2, Gum X, Magic X and even new spike called the Wild Mud, available for enduro and 29ers too with special nobbles designed to be cut if necessary. All these tyres come in a softer compound, triple layered with a 33TPI rating. They are very impressive and we shall be testing some soon.


Michelin Wild Rock’R2 Advanced Reinforced

The MICHELIN Wild Rock’R² Advanced Reinforced is the new MICHELIN enduro tire for use on dry, extreme terrain. From a technical viewpoint, the new tire tries to offer the best combination of rider output and braking ability thanks to a tread that alternates transversal and longitudinal blocks. It comprises large lateral lugs that that deliver grip when cornering as well as numerous sipes that increase block mobility, create high-pressure areas and also improve grip.


Michelin Wild Mud Advanced Reinforced


So that mud is no longer an obstacle for enduro riding, Michelin has introduced in 2013 the first bicycle tire developed especially to be regrooved. Called the MICHELIN Wild Mud Advanced reinforced and designed to deliver maximum grip and braking ability on muddy ground, the tire is a new addition to the Michelin enduro lineup.


Micheling Wild Mud “uncut”…


… and after cutting.

It is not uncommon to see enduro or downhill racers regroove some of their mud tires’ lugs when riding on mixed or dusty terrain. The purpose is to make the tire more precise and to increase grip in these conditions of use. However, riders need to determine the right groove depth and then reproduce it on each lug, which is both difficult and time-consuming. To overcome these inconveniences, Michelin has developed a regroovable tire.

The crown of the lower part of the tires’ lugs provide a reference point when regrooving tires, guiding the blades of the grooving tool to ensure a clear, accurate, fast result.

When in contact with the ground, the twisted lugs “untwist” to provide braking power or traction, then return to their initial position when they are no longer in contact with the ground. This snapping back into position helps to eject mud from the lugs, meaning that in addition to ensuring outstanding braking ability and traction, the tires are self-cleaning.

The Michelin Wild mud will be available in 2.25 inch width for 26″ and 29″ wheels.

Words: Jim Buchanan / Michelin PR | Photos: Aaron Steinke

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