It’s a comeback which lives up to its name. After already presenting the extremely interesting Slide 140 this year, there was a new hot item for the coming season to see at today’s EUROBIKE demo day. Nothing much has happened with the Swoop 175 recently-now there is a reworked version on bigger wheels and with the newest standards.

Das Radon Swoop 170 mit Rahmen in Rohform und wild zusammengestellter Ausstattung.
The Radon Swoop 170 with raw frame and wildly chosen components.

The frame still sandblasted and unfinished and components randomly thrown together: the Swoop 170 that we discovered in Radon’s demo tent looked anything but ready for production. However, we were assured that it would soon be ready, just the finish and correct specification were missing. A good enough reason to take a closer look at the 170 mm enduro.

Details wie die interne Zugführung verraten bereits, dass sich der Rahmen kurz vor dem Serienzustand befindet.
Details like the internal cabling prove that the frame is close to being ready for production.

“The geometry is final,” promised chief designer Bodo Probst – and it is adjustable in 3 positions using a flipchip on the lower shock mount. Thus, the head angle can be varied between 64.9°, 65.4° and 65.9° and the bottom bracket height between -19 mm and -7mm. The long reach (473 mm size L) suits the image of a modern enduro bike, as do the 429 mm chainstays.

Gut zu erkennen: An der unteren Dämpferaufnahme lässt sich die Geometrie in drei verschiedenen Positionen verstellen.
Nice to see: the geometry can be adjusted between 3 different positions on the lower shock mount.
Trotz viel Federweg wollte Radon kein rein abfahrtsorientiertes Bike entwickeln. Davon zeugt auch die Umwerferaufnahme, die am Rahmen des Swoop 170 ihren Platz fand.
Despite its long travel, radon didn’t want to develop a purely downhill-oriented bike. The front derailleur mount on the frame of the Swoop 170 is testament to that.
Beim Hinterbau wird bereits auf den Boost-Standard gesetzt.
The rear end is already using the new Boost standard.
Die Zugführung weiß auch im Ausgangsbereich zu überzeugen.
The cable routing is also impressive at the exit point. The ISCG mount allows you to add a chain guide.

As far as the rest of the components are concerned, a final decision hasn’t been made yet. What we do know is that the bike will be available in four different versions from March 2016 at prices between € 1,999 and € 3,999. Apart from the top model with SRAM X01 drivetrain, the front derailleur mount on the rear end will be used on a model with a 2x drivetrain.

Our Opinion

With the right components the Radon Swoop 170 could be suitable both as a potent enduro race bike and for the next bike park season. We are looking forward to the final version, which we will of course report on here at ENDURO.

More informationen soon at:

Text: Daniel Schlicke Photo: Christoph Bayer

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