This year’s EUROBIKE has one clear trend when it comes to the majority of bike companies, wheel makers and tyre manufacturers – the new plus-size sizes. But alongside a legion of big volume tyres, the German manufacturer Schwalbe has also got a host of new and revised ‘regular’ size tyres. For 2016 the Fat Albert has had a complete overhaul to both its profile and rubber compounds for the front and rear wheels.

Schwalbe Fat Albert First Look (1 von 13)

2016 will see different profiles on the Fat Albert for the front and rear tyres.

The new Fat Albert tyre can’t hide its new concept and design, as the front and rear tyre now feature a very un-Schwalbe-esque profile, characterized by rounder and more spread-apart lugs. For decades, this historic German company have been widely known for creating recognizable motocross-esque profiled mountain bike tyres.

Responsible for this evolution is the designer and bicycle guru Gerrit Gaastra, and it isn’t the first time that he’s challenged the status quo with his novel concepts. When approached, Schwalbe put it to the test with the all-new Fat Albert Front & Rear as the result. The new, rounded nobbles should generate braking traction from all angles. According to Schwalbe, rolling resistance should remain the same.

Schwalbe Fat Albert First Look (was fehlte)

The profile of the Fat Albert Front.

Front Tire

The lugs, following the direction of rotation, are spread wide apart to allow for easy rolling, while minimizing the likelihood for clogging and still offering good sidewall protection. The soft TrailStar compound should further increase grip. The newer rounder lugs are more obvious on the front tyre, as they have had extra tread grooves cut into them to improve traction from more angles.

Schwalbe Fat Albert First Look (4 von 13)

The profile of the Fat Albert Rear.

Rear tire

The rear tyre profile has lugs that are positioned transversely to the direction of rotation, which ensures that as much power as possible is transferred to the ground and generates maximum acceleration and braking power. Just like the front tyre, the shoulder lugs have received their fair share of attention. This should increase grip on off-camber sections and whilst you’re on the limit. The combination of the Fat Albert Front & Rear will be particularly interesting for trail riders and more mellow enduro riders.

To compensate for the higher rolling resistance created by the transversely positioned lugs on the rear tyre, the Fat Albert Rear comes in a harder PaceStar compound.

Schwalbe Fat Albert First Look (6 von 13)

The Fat Albert also features Schwalbe’s tried and tested TubelessEasy and SnakeSkin-technology.

The combination of the Fat Albert Front & Rear looks to be an all-round tyre combo capable of tackling all sorts of terrain and ground conditions, ranging from trail rides to All-Mountain use. The reliable SnakeSkin carcass is used on both tyres to deliver puncture protection, and the TubelessEasy technology enables tubeless riding.


Price: 57,90 €
Weight: 780 g (29″), 740 g (27,5″)
Width: 2,35″
Sizes: 29″/27,5″
Availability: early 20166

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Words: Daniel Schlicke Photos: Christoph Bayer

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