It’s often the small stands that are filled with interesting products. This time we discovered an extremely light 780mm wide carbon handlebar at Haero Carbon at Eurobike.

Der Haero Carbon H175 kostet 199 €.
The Haero Carbon H175 is priced at €199.

By now, the german company Haero Carbon has gained lots of experience in manufacturing carbon handlebars. Until now, the boys from Swabia were only active in the racing / triatlon and cross country segment.
Right now they are presenting their new H.175, a 780mm handlebar, at Eurobike. The handlebar is produced with 20mm rise, 8° backsweep and has a phenomenal weight of only 175g.

At the front clamping it is easy to mount objects, because of the rough surface.
At the clamping point the surface is rough to help keep the bar secure.
If one would like to shorten the handlebar, one will be quite happy about the ready made markings.
If one would like to shorten the handlebar, the ready made markings will be useful.

There are still some final tests top carry out at the moment, but Haero is quite sure that they will soon start with serial production.

To find out more about the german company, please feel free to visit:

Text & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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