As mountain bikers we understand that nothing says cool, sexy, and downright exclusive more than something made out of titanium in deep, glossy black. We bring you a collection of stealthy products that are so damn hot, they redefine desirability.

Canon EOS-1D X

If you stand on any corner of an EWS course, you are likely to hear the distinctive machine-gun whir of a Canon 1DX motor drive, capturing up to 14 pin-sharp images a second. When it comes to MTB photography, the 1DX is king! The 18.1MP full-frame sensor and class leading 61-point focus system are laser accurate, capable of resolving each grain of shredded dirt with crystal clarity. Dual DIGIC 5+provide massive processing power, and the sensitive sensor can almost shoot in the dark. It’s furiously expensive, but if you shoot with the 1DX, the only excuse for poor shots is you!

Price: 5.799 €

More about the Canon EOS-1D X here.

Die Canon EOS-1D X ist das perfekte Werkzeug wenn es um Bike-Fotografie geht.
The Canon EOS-1D X is the perfect tool if you want to shoot mountainbiking.
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Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

It sounds like a concept from a sci-fi film: generating clean energy from hydrogen and oxygen in the air! Well, that’s exactly what the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor does. If you’re on an expedition into the wild lands sometimes you need power fast. Simply slap in a Hydrogen Core fuel cell into the reactor to get up to three iPhone charges, no matter where you are in the wilderness. Brunton offer an ‘you break it, we fix it’ returns policy, so you can consider it indestructible.

Price: 150 €

More about the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor here.

Mit dem Brunton Hydrogen Reactor geht dir auch Outdoor nie der Saft aus.
With the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor you never run out of electricity! Charging your phone outdoor and far away from civilization isn’t a problem anymore.

DJI Inspire 1 Drone

At first glance the new DJ1 looks like something that would normally be piloted by the CIA. The slick carbon fibre arms lift out of view in flight and the full-featured app gives you more control than ever. With a 4K camera and a full 360 degree field of view, there is nothing stopping you from capturing epic footage. Whether you are putting together the next 4K MTB shredfest film or just want to see what the neighbours are up to, the DJ1 is next level.

Price: 3.599 €

More about the DJI Inspire 1 Drone here.

Diese Drone lässt keine Wünsche offen. Hochauflösende Aufnahmen und eine umfassende Steuerung ist garantiert.
This is a hell of a drone! High resolution shots and a comprehensive control makes this drone super awesome.

Gibson ES-Les Paul Custom Black Beauty VOS Electric Guitar

Gibson guitars are iconic, as their distinctive rich tone has featured on some of the best songs of all time. The controversial Black Beauty became legendary when it was custom-built for the innovative Les Paul in 1954. Originals are now priceless, but you can still shred with this beautiful recreation. The three MHS Humbucker Pickups thump current into the treble-rich capacitor, and the guitar sings like no other. The Black Beauty is a veritable legend and will always be part of guitar history. Play this well and you will irresistable to the opposite sex – guaranteed!

Price: 3,999 $

More about the Gibson ES-Les Paul Custom Black Beauty VOS here.

Gitarren von Gibson sind einfach edel und machen jeden Schwach. Besonders in schwarz trotzt die Gibson förmlich von Rock 'n Roll.
Gibson Guitars are cool since a long time and black is maybe the most beauty color a guitar can get.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

When it comes to desirability and sex appeal, there’s nothing to touch a motorbike… especially a stripped-down speed machine designed purely to propel a rider to delirious speeds. None come badder than the new Kawasaki Ninja H2R. Looking like the bastard child of the Batmobile and a missile, it simply spits coolness from its hydroformed titanium exhaust. With enough power to carve ripples into the asphalt, the 300 HP (PS) supercharged track rocket redefines rapid, and is sure to threaten both your skills and sanity.

Price: 50.000 €

More about the Kawasaki Ninja H2R here.

Schnelle Motorräder bringen Frauen wie Männer ins schwitzen. Die Kawasaki macht dabei keine Ausnahme. Hot!
Fast motorcycles never disappoint if it comes to very cool and very expensive products! The Kawasaki doesn’t make an exception. Hot!

Leica M-P

Life’s greatest moments happen spontaneously, and the best camera is the one you are carrying at those precious times. For those moments the ENDURO photographers all love the classic Leica M-P Rangefinder. The highly compact Leica M-P is easy to stow, but don’t let the compact shape deceive you – the M-P has serious game! The chassis and silhouette may be sixty years old and hewn from brass and magnesium, but the internals are nothing short of cutting edge. The 24MP full-frame sensor captures life’s most enchanting and elusive scenes in stunning clarity and colour; you will never miss a shot again.

Price: 6.920 €

More about the Leica M-P here.

Die Leica M-P ist ungefähr der beste Partner für Schnappschüsse den man sich vorstellen kann!
The Leica M-P is the best buddy you can get for taking awesome snapshots!

Logitech UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker

With the Logitech UE BOOM you will be carrying the party with you wherever you go. Packing volume and sound quality that defies its diminutive size, the full 360 degree sound performance will liven up any gathering. The cylindrical shape is unique, stylish, and helps fire the sound into every corner. The UE BOOM is super cool – but beware, should you risk a random track list, the entire world will experience your dubious musical tastes.

Price: 299 €

More about the UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker here.

With the Logitech UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker you take the party with you!
With the Logitech UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker you take the party with you!

Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Shooting Brake

If you love biking, then wagons (estates) are the way forward…so why not make it a fire-spitting monster? The CLA45 Shooting Brake carries the legendary AMG badge, and its 2.0L turbocharged petrol engine develops a ridiculous 355bhp. Stamp your foot down in this car and your face will change shape, while anything not strapped down will stick to the rear windscreen. With taut and aggressive suspension you can have lots of fun while the fuel gauge plummets. OK, the boot isn’t the most accessible, and the CLA45 is not really practical at all, but we still want one.

Price: from 57.268,75 € up

More about the Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Shooting Brake here.

Ein Kombi der jede Menge Spaß macht? Der Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Shooting Brake ist die Antwort!
Your bike fits easily Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Shooting Brake, but the car is still too fun to drive!

Son of Hibachi

Summer is here and that means one thing: it’s time for burnt sausages, burgers, and plenty of beers. If you want to be the BBQ king or queen you need to be packing some serious heat, and nothing comes hotter than the Son of Hibachi. Perhaps the most portable BBQ yet, you can keep it in the car for spontaneous cook-ups to amaze your friends! Featuring 170 inches of cooking space, self cleaning grills, and weighing less that 15 lbs, it’s the perfect summer party accessory.

Price: 99,95 €

More about the Son of Hibachi here.

Mit dem Son of Hibachi seit ihr für wirklich jede BBQ Party bestens ausgestattet!
With the Son of Hibachi you’re ready for every BBQ-Party you could imagine!

Sony VPL-VW300ES 4K

If you want to have the full cinema experience in your home, then you will need 4K. The badass Sony VPL-VW300ES fires out incredibly rich colours in a resolution of 4096×2160, turning every movie into a sensory experience. The intelligent Sony will also upscale your existing Blu-ray and DVD movies, giving them more punch than ever before. The compact and sexy design mean that you can run the Sony in a smaller room: all you need to do is sit back, fire up the sound, and pop some corn!

Price: 5.830 €

More about the Sony VPL-VW300ES 4K here.

Der Beamer von Sony verwandelt euer Wohnimmer wirklich in ein Kino!
This beamer from Sony makes a cinema out of your living room!

Stromer ST2

Whatever your thoughts on e-bikes, the Stromer ST2 is a super-sexy bike. Built to take on the urban jungle, the Stromer is brimming with high-tech performance and features. The gearless hub motor pumps out a whopping 800 watts, and with a range of over 100 km, will carry a hipster to the most remote coffee shop. The Stromer ST2 also has unrivaled connectivity; an app allows you to tune the performance, and active anti-theft measures will have the most hardened thieves quaking in their boots. GPS location and tracking will reveal the bike’s location hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Price: 6.490 €

More about the Stromer ST2 here.

Das Stromer ST2 bringt dich im Großstadt-Dschungel super schnell von A nach B. Und das mit jede Menge Stil.
The Stromer ST2 takes you in style super quick from A to B in the big city jungle.

Sonim XP7

Have you ever broken your iPhone? Well, we challenge you to put a dent in one of these! Sonim specialize in phones for the most demanding environments, from the military to the construction industry, and the XP7 is their flagship smartphone. Able to survive falls from 2m and impacts up to 30 g, this fully waterproof phone is suitable for even the clumsiest outdoor user. If you find yourself needing to make a call from inside a concrete mixer, this is the phone for you! It’s crazy expensive, which makes it crazy cool!

Price: 579 €

More about the Sonim XP7 here.

Das Sonim XP7 ist auch auf der widrigsten Outdoor Mission ein treuer Begleiter.  Wenn viele andere Handys baden gehen, zeigt dieses Smartphone seine wahre Stärke!
The Sonim XP7 is even in the hardest conditions a loyal companion on your outdoor adventure! When a lot of smartphones go swimming, the Sonim shoes it strengths.

Words: Trevor Worsey Photos: Manufacturer

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