Fat bikes are the big trend and have even found friends in our editorial team, but they do frequently suffer from one problem: the wheels are too heavy. The result of this is ponderous handling and poor acceleration. With their Big Ride BR 2250 DT Swiss has an interesting, lightweight new wheelset in their range which should noticeably improve the performance of many fat bikes.

Der DT Swiss BR 2250 Classic-Laufradsatz in freier Wildbahn. Ohne Reifen wiegt er 2235 g und ist für einen Preis von 869 € erhältlich.
The DT Swiss BR 2250 Classic wheelset in the wild. It weighs 2.235 g without tyres and is available for € 869.

In order to reduce the weight of the new wheels as much as possible DT utilises cut out sections in the rim bed. The 76mm wide rims are optimised for tyres of 4″ width and above. The hubs use a 15 x 150 mm front axle and a choice of 12 x 190 mm or 12 x 197 mm at the rear. Last of all the wheels feature the well-known DT ratchet freewheel system.

Die Aussparungen im Felgenbett sparen massig Gewicht, beeinträchtigen laut DT Swiss aber nicht die Steifigkeit und Stabilität.
The cut outs in the rim bed save a huge amount of weight but according to DT have no affect on strength or rigidity.
Der Laufradsatz ist klassisch mit 32 Speichen aufgebaut.
The wheels are built up with a classic 32 spoke lacing pattern.
Den Freilaufköper könnte man bei Bedarf einfach gegen ein XD-Modell tauschen um den Laufradsatz dann auch mit einem 11-fach Antrieb zu nutzen.
If required the freehub body can we swapped for a XD model to make the wheels ready for 1×11 drivetrains. As with other DT ratchet hubs this doesn’t require any tools.
Das Rachtet System besteht aus zwei Zahnscheiben. Sperrklinken sind hier nicht nötig was die Wartung sehr einfach macht.
The ratchet system consists of two serrated rings. Pawls and springs are not necessary making maintenance much easier.
Beim BR 2250 Classic-Laufradsatz kommen DT Pro Lock Standard Aluminium-Nippel zum Einsatz
The BR 2250 Classic use DT Pro Lock Standard aluminium nipples.
Go big or go home!  Die 15 x 150 mm Achse soll eine ausreichende Steifigkeit garantieren.
Go big or go home! The 15 x 150 mm axle should ensure for masses of stiffness.


  • Price: 869 €
  • Weight: 2.235 g (claimed)
  • Axle standard 15×150 mm (Front)/12 x 190 oder 12 x 197 mm (rear)
  • Rim width: 76 mm (Inner width)
  • Spoke count: 32
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Nipples: DT Pro Lock Standard Aluminium
Fette Reifen - fetter Spaß! Einen spannenden Artikel zum Thema Fatbike findet ihr in der Ausgabe #015 vom ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine.
Big tyres – big fun! There’s an exciting article about fat bikes in issue #015 of ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine.

Our opinion:

The big downside of fat bikes is the lack of agility often due to the high weight of wheels/tyres. With the BR 2250 Classic DT Swiss brings a highly interesting product to the market, which will allow for a noticeable improvement in bike handling. As we are used to the workmanship of the Swiss wheels is top notch and this more than justifies the price of € 869 – weight saving has never been a cheap option.

For more information visit: dtswiss.com

Text & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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