IBIS are well known for their carbon bikes, having refined the HD over many years, they understand the black magic of working with the hi-tech material. It was still a surprise to see that they are now moving into the popular carbon wheel market and have just announced some very unique carbon rims, aimed at upsetting the dominance of ENVE. IBIS believe that wider rims are better than narrow rims, and look set to define the NEW NORMAL and the NEW WIDE.

IBIS wheels-047

A wider rim delivers better sidewall support so you you can run lower pressures in your rubber. Lower pressures do several beneficial things, including increasing the contact patch, which results in better traction. Tires mounted on wider rims don’t burp as easily. Running lower pressures on varied terrain actually reduces rolling resistance. Wider rims are stronger and stiffer. With increased traction comes increased braking control.

The 928 is a carbon fiber 29er rim with 28mm width that delivers enhanced tire stability and high strength at low weight.

IBIS wheels-

The 741 and 941 are carbon fiber 27.5 and 29er rims with monster 41mm widths that deliver super tire stability even with large tires at low pressure.

The 741 and 928 are available as optional upgrades on the Mojo HDR 650b and Ripley 29 now, the 941 is scheduled as an option for the Ripley beginning next month.

IBIS wheels--2

Benefits of wider rims:

  • Dramatically increased traction
  • Reduced rolling resistance
  • Less tubeless ‘burping’
  • Stiffer, stronger wheel
  • lighter than most narrow aluminum rims
  • Better braking control
  • Improved flat protection
  • More predictable feel
  • You can run a lighter tire with similar durability
  • Hookless bead rims are far stronger
  • Easy to mount tubeless with just a floor pump
IBIS wheels--3

They will be available in the aftermarket in June.

For more details, check: www.ibiscycles.com/wheels

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