Since last year in the European media we could find information about the latest project of Kross company- enduro bike, based on original suspension created by Polish designers – Revo Virtual Suspension (RVS). “Moon”, as it was called, was being built for two years and is the most advanced project in the history of the KROSS brand.



“Moon was created for those who love cycling in the mountains. For those who get up in the morning just to get to the top and ride down over wild, forest paths and rocky slopes. For all of you who enjoy admiring the landscape of mountain views, and soon after rush at breakneck speed. Moon was created for people like… us”

– Arek Trzcinski, Marketing Manager, one of the first “Moon” testers

“Using the RVS suspension designed by us three years ago, we started gradually bring it up to 160 mm travel. The suspension has progressive overview, but the beginning of the deflection, the first 15% is regressive. This makes it very sensitive and at the same time the traction continues to be outstanding. (…) During the first enduro model project we focused heavily on values such as the steering head angle and bottom bracket height, because these factors, in our opinion, determine how the bike behaves in extreme situations. “

– Paweł Marczak, constructor

“Designing Moon, we focused on creating an optimal construction that will meet the requirements of professional Riders, at the same time we wanted to determine the direction for future development of our projects.”

– Karol Trzcinsk, Product Manager, Enduro rider


RVS is a unique suspension system, developed by the Kross R&D department, based on a virtual pivot point. With carefully chosen angles and the length of the switches suspension it operates independently on the drive. As a result we have a highly sensitive suspension responding to every little inequality which, however, does not collapse when you press the pedal and does not affect the dynamics of acceleration. We are dealing with the so-called anti-compression which is nothing but the horizontal movement of the lower cam as the sagging suspension, which extends the distance between the center of the bottom bracket and the center of the wheel. The result is a stretching of the chain and preventing compression of the suspension.

The cams designed in the suspension RVS brings additional benefits, such as minimizing the so-called “Pedal Kick Back” effect and maintaining braking effectiveness. Cranks,during the moment of maximum deflection, are biased a little more than 11.5 degrees. However, in the range up to 60%, it is when bias is mostly used, deflection does not exceed a few degrees and is virtually undetectable. At the same time, the brake clamps are deflected by a maximum of 8 degrees from its original position, so that braking performance is not reduced even at maximum deflection.

The “Moon” used a number of solutions to improve the durability and rigidity of the structure. Designers tried to make the most complete bike that will keep its position in the top for years.


The hub in the standard of 142 x 12 mm is the rigidity of wheel straight from the bike downhill combined with ease of installation. This stiffening results in more precise and stable handling.


Designers decided to use special inserts holding the caliper bolts to secure the frame from broken rifling. Taking into account the intensity of use and the desire for continuous improvement it is an ideal solution for this type of bike.


Enlarged lower bearing adds rigidity to the connection between the steerer tube and the head frame, increasing durability and steering precision. Larger bearing translates into a larger area, so that one could reduce the wall thickness of the head without reducing its strength.


Direct Mount derailleur is simple in installation and adjustmentas and reliable. This solution also allows use of thinner walls thus, reducing the weight of the frame.


“During the past two years we tested several prototypes in the Polish mountains, as well as in the island of Corsica and in San Remo on the Italian routes Superenduro, constantly improving the construction changing angles, stiffening profiles and fine-tuning the details. We did all of this in order to give in your hands a great bike. “

– Karol Trzcinsk, Product Manager, Enduro rider


Karol Trzcinski, Arek Trzcinski, Paweł Marczak and Tomek Swierczyński, the initiators of the project, were the main testers. Who better than a designer, technologist or a rider could assess the properties of the new bike? But not only do they take part in the tests. “Moon” also has been extensively tested by Adam Glosowic – Dirt Rider ride of KROSS that not only tested it on the mountain trails, but also during his training.


The main aim of the working group on the „Moon” was to create a bike of dreams, that is why in addition to the tests the views of the users has also been taken into account. The riders of th Polish Enduro scene were asked about the opinion. The designs and specifications were available on the Internet forums where they collected a lot of positive feedback and constructive comments. The team analyzed and discussed all incoming reviews thoroughly. We can say that each person who evaluated the projects contributed to the creation of “Moon”.

All the “Moon” team members wanted to share with this project. That is why the information about the tests you could easily find on the Kross profiles, on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram, and the relation from the trip to Corsica was in several printed and online media . Eight months ago on YouTube a video appeared of Charles and Arek who test one of the latest versions of the frame.


Kross has decided to release the “Moon” in three specifications / prices thanks to which the bicycle will not remain just a dream, and it will realistically be within the reach of many riders. Those who are interested only in the frame will be able to get frameset.


According to the suggestions and test results the geometry was changed slightly for the downhill. The specification of the highest model was based on the components SRAM X0 group and amortization FOX (FOX 34 Float Factory / Factory FOX Float), complemented by wheels DT Swiss EX1750 SPLINE. “Moon” is also visually impressive. Economical painting highlights the nature of the bicycle, especially at the highest version which uses a combination of matt black with gloss.

“Moon” is perfect for agressive ride, it includes all the enduro features – it is fast, manoeuvrable and it flies well.


KROSS_Moon_v1 V1_spez


KROSS_Moon_v2 V2_spez


KROSS_Moon_V3 V3_spez

Words & Photos: KROSS PR

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