At the Sea Otter Festival Magura were presenting something really interesting in their Booth. It was a newly developed four-piston disc brake which will be integrated with the already known MT series.

At the festival booth of the German company, the brake lever was still covered, but we still received some information about the new four-piston brake. By the design of the brake, Magura have taken a lot of know-how from the development of their motorcycle brakes. That is why they brought a motorcycle caliper as a visual a piece to explain the latest features.

Der Bremssattel der neuen Vierkolbenbremse.
The caliper of the new four-piston brake.

As might be expected the brake has a larger surface area, and thus more power than the previous products in the portfolio of the manufacturer, designed for the specific applications of Trail, Enduro, Downhill & fast Ebikes.

Der Großteil des neuen Bremsgriffs ist noch verdeckt. Deutlich zu erkennen ist aber bereits der lange Hebel.
Most of the new brake lever is still covered. But you can already clearly see the long lever, recognizable from other models.

The caliper is a single-piece forged brake body which is – thanks to three bridges, very stiff and quite light. Inside the caliper are four identical pistons with four brake pads.

Thanks to top-load technology, the pads can easy be changed even with a wheel fitted. Magnets on the inside of the caliper guide the installation of new pads, dragging them directly to the spot. Finally, they are fixed by a pad retaining screw.

Dank Top-Load können bei der neuen Magura Bremse die Beläge auch ohne der Demontage der Vorderradbremse gewechselt werden.
Thanks to top-load with the news magura brakes, the pads can be replaced without removal of a wheel.

What Magura found out when developing motorcycle calipers with 4 brake pads:

  • The gap between the two pads per side helps to cool the pads. The second pad starts with lower temperature then the first.
  • With 4 brake pads you can use thinner back plates which means more resin material.
  • Additional connection between both sides of the caliper leads to more stiffness.
  • It is still easier to change 4 pads with magnetic pistons than 2 pads with non-magnetic pistons and springs.
Wie auch bei den bereits bekannten MT Modellen ist der Bremssattel der neuen Vierkolbenbremse einteilig geschmiedet.
Just like the caliper of the well-known MT models, the caliper of the new four-piston brake is forged in a single piece too.
Zwischen den Bremskolben soll der zusätzliche Steg für mehr Steifigkeit sorgen.
The additional bridge between the brake piston will help to increase the stiffness.

The rotatable cable outlet on the caliper helps to find the optimal routing line, For frames with internal cable routing this can be a big benefit.

Die Rückansicht des neuen Bremskörpers.
The rear view of the new brake body including the rotatable cable outlet.
Am Festivalstand dient der Motorradbremssattel als Anschauungsstück und verdeutlicht wie aufwendig die Konstruktion und Produktion der Kleinteile für die Fahrradbremse sein muss.
At the Festival booth, the motorcycle brake caliper serves as a visual piece and illustrates how complicated the design and production of small bicycle parts must be.
Im Vergleich: Fahrrad- gegen Motorradbremsbeläge
In comparison: Bicycle against motorcycle brake pads

Right know we don’t have information about the price, or availability of the new brake lever, but they will be presented at a press camp soon.

Words: Christoph Bayer Pictures: Robin Schmitt

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