During the Bike Festival in Riva del Garda, the Italian manufacturer, Dean Easy, showed his new dual-chamber system. If you wanted to see it you won’t find an own stand, you had to go to the booth of the German bike manufacturer Alutech who is involved in the development and will be the exclusive distributor for Germany.

Das Dean Easy-System soll nicht nur Grip und Traktion, sondern auch den Pannenschutz enorm verbessern.
The Dean Easy system should not only improve grip and traction, but also the enormous puncture protection.

The idea behind the dual-chamber system is, to increase not only the puncture protection, but also grip and traction enormous with two air chambers in the tire. For this purpose, a small, inner chamber filled with 6-8 bar air pressure presses the tire against the rim. This reduces the risk of burping and also protects the rim from bottom outs. At the same time it makes it possible to fill the outer chamber with a significantly low air pressure (up to below 0.8 bar), which increases grip and traction in the enormous degree.

At the Dean Easy system this inner chamber is formed by a tube which strongly looks like a Tubular Road Tires – and actually this was also developed in cooperation with the experts of Tufo. With the aid of two valves, it is possible to fill the two chambers separated from each other at the desired pressure. The Assembly is pretty simple – much like mounting a tube. Just put it onto the rim and and then lock it by a screw on the valve. However, in order to enlarge the air flow you have to drill a bigger 11,5 mm valve hole into the rim. The drills required for this purpose as well as all assembly tools are included .

Klar und deutlich:  This is not a Tire!
Clear statement: This is not a Tire!
Vor der Einführung in Deutschland wird nicht nur die Positionierung der Ventile noch einmal überarbeitet.
Before they bring the system to the German market they will change toe positioning of the valves.
Sämtliche Teile des Systems sind bei Bedarf auch einzeln erhältlich.
All parts of the system are also available separately if required.

The Dean Easy system should be available in two versions for 27,5″ and 29″ wheels with an inner width of 21-24 mm and 25-30 mm in fall this year. The total weight per wheel is approximately 115g and the price will be around € 200 for the complete set. In this set all necessary parts and tools are included.

Jedes Set wird vor der Auslieferung einer Endkontrolle unterzogen.
Each set is subjected to a final inspection before delivery.
Durch das Presta-Ventil wird der innere Kern durch das Autoventil der äußere befüllt.
The inner core get filled up through the Presta valve, the outer chamber through the schrader valve.
Italienischer Erfindergeist at its best.
Italian development at its best.

For more information and a list of compatible rims can be found here: deaneasy.it

Words & Pictures: Christoph Bayer

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