Slowly but surely the fuss around the Eurobike is coming to an end and the normal daily routine resumes, but there are still a few Eurobike stories that need publishing. Paul Lange’s (Shimano Germany importer) stand presented us with the new Shimano SH-M200 Torbal shoe and the Unzen 4 Enduro backpack. Here are the details:

Neu für 2015: Der Shimano SH-M200 Torbal Schuh

New in 2015: The Shimano SH-M200 Torbal shoe.

The Shimano SH-M200 shoe’s highlight is clearly the specially constructed sole. While it is especially stiff at the front, it is more flexible at the back. As a result one can expect higher bike control and balance.

The Torbal technology will be available in 2015 in three different Shimano shoe models (SH-M200, SH-M163, SH-M089). The sole on its own promisses to offer good grip and long lastingness.

Die Schnürsenkel werden unter einer großen Lasche versteckt.

The shoe laces are hidden.

Während die Zehen werden durch hartes Material geschützt werden befindet sich an der Oberseite dünnes Material für eine gute Belüftung.

While the toes are protected with the help of hard material, the top comes with thin material to ensure good air circulation.

Die Knöchel werden auf der Innenseite effektiv geschützt.

The ankles are well protected on the inside.

Die Ratsche soll einen festen Sitz garantieren.

The ratchet guarantees a good fit.

The Unzen 4 Enduro backpack is especially new for Enduro pilots. The number 4 stands for the english word “for” and informs about the intended use. At the same time it is also the backpack’s volume. The well-known Rider Fit X-Harness System is delivered with the Unzen backpack and comes with crossed straps. This increases flexibility. Naturally, the backpack comes with several connection options for helmets, protectors and drinking systems.

Der neue Shimano Unzen 4 Enduro Rucksack bietet mit vier Litern Fassungsvolumen Platz für das nötigste Material.

The nes Shimano Unzen 4 Enduro backpack offers enough storage space with four liters.

Der gesamte Rucksack wirkt hochwertig gefertigt.

The whole backpack appears to be made to a high-quality.

Der Zugriff auf das Hauptfach erfolgt von der Seite. So muss laut Shimano der Rucksack nicht abgenommen werden.

One can reach the main compartment from the side.

Dank verschiedener Riemen lässt sich allerhand Material befestigen.

Several straps ensure that one can attach helmets, protectors and drinking systems.

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