What the hell is this? When a friend presented me the Goose Disc-Tool for the first time, I was quite confused and had no idea what it was for. But then he explained – read on to learn more!

Auf den ersten Blick war der Anwendungsbereich des Goose Disc-Tools nicht klar ersichtlich.
The use of the Goose Disc-Tool is quickly explained: It’s designed to push back the brake pistons without removing the wheels

Mounting new brake pads can be a hustle: Although you can remove the old brake pads without removing the wheels, you still need to remove them to push back the brake pistons – otherwise, the new pads won’t fit in.

The Disc-Tool by Goose Bikeparts wants to solve this problem. It enables you to push back the brake pistons while the wheels are still mounted. After placing the tool inside the brake saddle, all you have to do is to turn the Allen screw on the top of it. Now the two guide plates move outward and push the pistons back in the neutral position.

Mit Hilfe der Inbusschraube auf der Oberseite des Tools werden die Beläge zurückgedrückt.
By turning the Allen screw, the brake pistons are pushed apart

With the help of the optional bracket (as pictured), you can just push one single piston back too or check the correct fill level of the brake fluid.

Die Klammer an der Seite ist optional erhältlich und wird benötigt will man nur einen Kolben zurückdrücken.
If you just want to push back one piston, you’ll need this optional bracket on one side.
Dank des Schlitz zwischen den beiden Führungsplatten kann das Tool über die Bremsscheibe gesteckt werden.
Thanks to the slot between both guide plates, the tool Disc-Tool fits over the disc.
Die Qualität des solide verarbeiteten Tools überzeugt.
The Goose Disc-Tool is well-made and will last for many brake pad changes

Check out this video to understand how the tool works:


The Goose Disc-Tool is available in two versions (depending on your brakes) and costs 29,90 €. The optional bracket adds 3,95 €.

Our take

The Disc-Tool from Goose Bikeparts is a clean solution to push back the pistons of a brake without removing the wheels. Also, it makes sure you won’t damage the pads or even the pistons. Especially for those, who are changing brake pads a lot, it’s a good buy – bikeshops, racing teams or just frequent riders.

Visit goose-bikeparts.de for more information about the Disc-Tool.

Words & Pictures Christoph Bayer

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