The next time you end up taking a trip over your handlebars for an impromptu closer look at a tree, you’ll thank your lucky stars that you’re wearing this. We’re talking helmets – one helmet in particular: Specialized’s latest helmet, the Ambush, designed to protect you on the trails. Not only is it super lightweight, but Specialized claim it’s extremely protective and well ventilated. We take a closer look at it for you.

Der neue Specialized Ambush Helm soll mit 240 g Gewicht nicht nur super leicht, sondern auch sehr gut belüftet und außerordentlich sicher sein. Erhältlich ist er für einen Preis von XXX €.
Weighing 247g, the new Specialized Ambush isn’t just incredibly light, it’s also brilliantly ventilated and extraordinarily protective. It retails at €179.90.

The construction of the Specialized Ambush

The new Specialized Ambush weighs a mere 247g, making it significantly lighter than its competitors. Given the low rear construction, its patented form boasts maximum protection and great head coverage. When developing the shell of the helmet, Specialized focused on the same principle behind their successful Prevail model, by combining the Aramid-reinforced Inner Matrix with the well-known Dual Density EPS foam. This combination is designed to offer maximum protection for both blunt hits and rotation.

Im Schnittmuster des Prevail deutlich zu sehen: Die Aramit-Konstruktion im Inneren.
The Prevail model shows the Aramid construction inside the helmet.
Bereits bei unserem Besuch im Specialized Headquater in Morgan Hill im letzten Jahr bekamen wir erste Prototypen des neuen Helms zu sehen.
On our visit last year to the Specialized headquarters in Morgan Hill we saw one of the first prototypes of this helmet.

The features of the Specialized Ambush

The patented design, its low weight and the low form are not the only standout characteristics of the Specialized Ambush. It also has a special adjusting system to spread pressure equally over the head as well as a micro-dial fit system on the back. This can be adjusted to five different height settings to give you the perfect fit.

Clever gelöst: Das Verstellrad ist in die Helmschale integriert.
Cleverly solved: the adjustment dial has been integrated into the helmet.
Das Fixiersystem lässt sich in fünf Positionen in seiner Höhe verstellen und soll für eine gleichmäßige Druckverteilung sorgen.
The fixing system can fit five different heights and should ensure an equal spread of pressure.

Like many of Specialized’s other helmets, the Ambush hosts the so-called Tri-Fix web splitter, which makes adjusting the straps quick and easy. The Americans have deliberately avoided a helmet camera or head torch mount as they see this solely as an extra burden. Moreover, the manufacturer’s adhesive mounts still remain the best way to fix a GoPro to your helmet, reliably the safest, most stable and least unsteady method – and this helmet has more than enough space to allow one to be placed there.

Über das Tri-Fix-Riemensystem lässt sich der Helm schnell und einfach an die Bedürfnisse des Fahrers anpassen.
The Tri-Fix strapping systems means the helmet is easily and comfortably fitted to the rider’s head.
Trotz der auch seitlich weit nach unten gezogenen Form soll der Helm mit allen gängigen Bikebrillen kompatibel sein.
Despite the low sides of the helmet, it should still be compatible with all the current, well-known sunglasses out there.
Das Visier verfügt über eine feine Rasterung und lässt sich bei der Verwendung einer Goggle weit nach oben schieben
The visor has a fine mesh and can be pushed up and out the way if you’re wearing goggles.

To guarantee optimum ventilation and a constant airflow, Specialized have opted for a supremely vented air flow system with large vents.

Luftöffnungen unterhalb des Visiers sollen gemeinsam mit den großen Öffnungen für einen optimalen Luftstrom über dem Kopf sorgen.
Together with the large air vents, the openings below the visor have been designed to ensure optimal airflow over the cranium.

Besides the camera mount, Specialized also spurned the MIPS system as their data showed no advantages when compared to their own system. In fact, it would only have a negative impact on the airflow and the weight of the helmet.

Colours and sizes

The Ambush is initially being launched in three sizes (S, M, L) and four colours (black, orange, green and white). Come summer, two further colour options will be available (turquoise and full white).

Der Specialized Ambush ist zum Verkaufsstart in drei Größen und vier Farben erhältlich. Nicht dabe ist die hier gezeigte blaue Variante, sie kommt erst im Sommer in den Handel.
The Ambush is going to be sold initially in three sizes and four colours. The blue model that you see here won’t be available in the shops until summer.

Price and availability

The Specialized Ambush will be available to buy from the end of March and will retail at €179.90.

Our opinion

The brand new Specialized Ambush doesn’t only look super cool, it also has some interesting features and its low weight has us hooked. When we first tried it for size, it fitted like a glove and felt remarkably comfortable. Only time will tell how the Ambush performs in reality and whether the ventilation achieves the supreme airflow that Specialized have promised. You’ll hear back from our tests soon. With a retail price of €179.90, it can’t be classed as a bargain, but how much is your head worth?

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Words: Christoph Bayer | Pictures: Christoph Bayer / Daniel Dunn

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