Any self respecting trail builder needs good tools, however in the UK these can sometimes be hard to source – until now! We check out the first proto-type of a very handy trail building tool called the TT-MK1. Made in Shropshire, UK using locally sourced craftsmanship and material.

Good strong welds and embossed with the Trailhead emblem
Good strong welds and embossed with the Trailhead emblem.

Sandy Plenty, Director of The Trailhead got the idea from an American fire-fighters shrub clearance tool called the McLoed and took it from there. This first sample took 18 hours to hand cut by local tradesman Ade Lewis, future models will be plasma cut. The handle is made from strong Hickory and slightly tapered in on the last third of its length to avoid it slipping out of the hands. The head is made from strong food-grade stainless steel.

Chainring and Joystick-3

This tool will be available for £ 80 (€ 90) and there are also plans to make a smaller single-handed version called the TB-MK1 (Trail Beaver).

This thing really is ready to do some damage!
This tool is ready to do some damage!

For more information contact Sandy at

Words and Photos: Jim Buchanan

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