Up until now, SIGMA bicycle computers predominantly focused on monitoring your training. The ROX 12.0 is their first device with a colour touchscreen, offering a wide range of navigation features. We’ve been lucky enough to try out the new SIGMA ROX 12.0 to tell you what it’s capable of.

Das SIGMA ROX 12.0 im ersten Test

The 3.0″ colour display of the SIGMA ROX 12.0 is embedded in a solid plastic cover with a total of six buttons located on the sides and below the touchscreen. The ROX 12.0 has a transflective display, which according to SIGMA should be easy to read both in the shade and in the sun. Also, the “Drop Detection” function is designed to detect raindrops and thus ensure functionality even in the rain. The housing is certified dust and waterproof up to IP67 standard.

The SIGMA ROX 12.0 can be connected to various third-party apps such as Komoot and Strava via WiFi, to upload previously created routes and training laps. However, navigation is not limited to third party providers: you’ll be able to create your own routes on a SIGMA device for the first time. As with the navigation system in a car, ROX 12.0 allows you to enter an address or even coordinates as a destination, or you can also select POIs or any point on the map.

As a stand out feature, you can draw a path on the map with your finger, which the SIGMA then converts into a suitable route. The maps are based on OSM, which means they are free and always up-to-date. The 8 GB internal memory of the SIGMA ROX 12.0 comes pre-installed with maps of 20 European countries. Depending on your needs, the memory of the SIGMA can be expanded up to 128 GB with an external Micro SD card.

The ROX 12.0 provides all the necessary information for those who use their bike computer to monitor their training, such as speed and distance covered. All values can be toggled on and off individually. If you want, the SIGMA can also be set to remind you to drink and eat at the right times. Also, different sports profiles can be created, which should make it easy to switch between the respective navigation and training requirements on your road bike and your mountain bike. The SIGMA ROX 12.0 features ANT+ connectivity to link up with their heart rate and watt monitors, and it will even connect with the electronic drivetrains now common on the market. At the end of each training session you can analyse and compare all data with the SIGMA LINK app on your mobile phone, tablet or with the SIGMA DATA CENTER on your computer.

The SIGMA ROX 12.0 first review

With its solid plastic housing, the SIGMA ROX 12.0 is exceptionally robust and durable. The device is comfortable in your hand, and all buttons are easily accessible. The un-uttered assumption when holding a smartphone-like device in your hands is confirmed the first time you switch it on. As usual with such devices, however, it reminds more of the beginnings of the smartphone age, the resolution as well as the fiddly operation awakening traumatic memories. Too bad, because menu navigation and the wiping gestures, on the other hand, are very intuitive. The small display combined with the very sensitive touch control sometimes makes operating it a challenge, when entering a 30-digit WiFi password, for example. Functions like “Draw-my-Route” also suffer because of the small display. As soon as you accept that the primary menu navigation also works perfectly with the mechanical buttons of the ROX 12.0, the sensitive touch screen is no longer a problem.

Draw my route mit dem Sigma GPS

Connecting to Strava and Komoot is fast and easy. You can access your saved routes via WiFi in no time at all, and you can navigate them after a short loading period. Navigation to specific points, on the other hand, is more difficult. Entering an address is limited to the city and street so that you can’t navigate to a particular house, and if you don’t know the coordinates of your buddy’s house by heart, you might take an involuntary detour. Scrolling through the map to explore its surroundings or to navigate to a certain point works smoothly at most times. Now and then the display will stutter when the ROX 12.0 has to load new areas. During navigation, you can choose between different views to keep an eye on the essential information. As soon as the direction on the track changes, a navigation command pops up on the screen. If you get lost, the SIGMA ROX 12.0 reliably guides you back to the original route.

Die Navigationsfunktion des Fahrradcomputers SIGMA ROX 12.0

Pricing and availability

The SIGMA ROX 12.0 will be available from 04. June 2018, online and in shops, starting from € 399. The complete set incl. heart rate and cadence sensor will cost € 479. The ROX 12.0 is available in grey with black buttons or in white with red buttons. You can also customise the device with three additional covers in blue, orange and green.


The SIGMA ROX 12.0 is a revolution in the SIGMA portfolio and scores with many unique ideas. As usual with a device in this class, don’t expect any miracles from the hardware and the touchscreen. However, if you’re looking for a reliable GPS device, you should take a closer look at the ROX 12.0.

More information can be found at sigmasport.com

Sigma ROX 12.0 delivery

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