This year Five Ten presented their new STEALTH rubber Mi6 outsole. We took a first look at the Freerider VXi Elements with the Stealth rubber Mi6 which won the Outdoor Industry Award 2013.

Video – Interview with Charles Cole

Color: Ocean Depths | Outsole: STEALTH rubber MI6
Color: Ocean Depths
Upper: PU-coated Action Leather | Sizes: UK 5-13 - EU 37-47
Upper: PU-coated Action Leather | Sizes: UK 5-11, 12, 13 – EU 38-46, 47, 48,5
Outsole: STEAHLTH rubber MI6
Outsole: STEALTH rubber MI6


If you have owned Five Ten bike shoes before, the standard STEALTH rubber S1 has a Shore–A–Durometer (measurement of hardness, the lower the number the softer the rubber) of 67-71, which made Five Ten famous and the dominating brand in the world of gravity biking.  Mi6 rubber takes it a step further on their new interlock sole, with a Shore-A-Durometer of 45-51,  The new STEALTH Mi6 is softer than any other compound in the STEALTH family.  So if you are looking for the highest level of friction between your shoes and the pedals then Mi6 may fit the bill.


The soft character of STEALTH rubber Mi6 also influences the sensitivity of the overall setup. For maximum performance, you need to know precisely what is going on.  How your bike really reacts, how your foot is placed on the pedal, how you‘re balancing your weight etc. The more information you get, the better you’re able to react and adjust.

Color: Dawn Blue/Pewter | Outsole: STEAHLTH rubber MI6
Color: Dawn Blue/Pewter | Outsole: STEAHLTH rubber MI6
Weight: 408 grams/ shoe | Price: 125,- €
Weight: 408 grams/shoe | Price: 125,- €

Shock absorption/ Vibration damping:

STEALTH rubber Mi6 properties include an energy return rate of only 8%, which means a massive absorption of stronger impacts reduction of vibrations. Balancing out vibrations through the outsole rubber and less through your muscles reduces fatigue and gives you more power to push forward. More podiums and longer rides are the consequence.

Elements = Weatherproofing:

The Elements version of the Freerider VXi includes a full and nearly indestructible Action Leather upper with a DWR coating to keep your feet dry during those amazing wet fall and spring trail rides.


Words & Photos: Five Ten PR

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