The popular Fulcrum Red Power HP wheelset gets revamped for 2017 with several updates. New design and wider rims are supposed to raise the bar. More information directly from Fulcrum:

The development of the Red Power HP has an interesting history. Originally introduced under the Red Power XL name, this wheelset surprised riders the world over for its sturdy and reliable build that guaranteed continued performance ride after ride no matter the conditions. Fulcrum engineers then set about to do what they do best, improve upon already great wheelsets, and in doing so ushered in the Red Power HP. The development of this wheelset was somewhat atypical in that it came about not only via countless hours in the lab but also through collaboration with top professional riders, a practice generally reserved only for those products sitting at the pinnacle of the range. The development approach for the Red Power HP brought forth premium results for a lower range wheelset and its success has been due in large part to the collaboration between engineers and athletes from the Merida Multivan team.

Perfekt für epische Abendteuer!
Fulcrum Red Power HP is perfect for epic rides!

The successful Red Power XL became the even more successful Red Power HP. However, Fulcrum is never happy to settle for past success and strives to push the limits of performance and reliability always further. With this spirit in mind, the Red Power HP has been revisited and its versatility and performance improved.
The most notable differences come in the all new and completely redesigned rim, larger, wider and ready for anything that the trail can throw its way. The new version of the Red Power HP boasts a whopping 23C rim that measures 28.5 mm in width! What was previously a 19C design is now a 23C design and handling, stability and comfort are all positively impacted by this rather large improvement. Taking into account the great reaction to its predecessor, improvements upon such a wheel are something to be felt. Its new aluminum rim incorporates a bit of structural reinforcement in the form of a sleeve joint, thus improving the integrity of the wheel on even the toughest terrain.

Both front and rear wheels are made with 28 stainless steel straight pull spokes laced to aluminum hubs and aluminum alloy flanges. Just as the version before it, the new Red Power HP wheels are great ex- amples of both versatility and compatibility. The rear hub has been designed in a way to be compatible with all standards and drivetrains without having to change the main body. QR-135mm, H12 – 142mm and HH12 – 135mm are all available for both Shimano Inc / Sram 9 and 10 speed as well as XD (for SRAM XX1) freehub bodies by simply changing adaptors.
Available in both 29 and 27,5 inch versions , this wheelset is a fantastic addition to your stable, no matter the drivetrains or frame standards within it. Give your bike a shot at riding atop Red Power HP wheels in their new and further improved con guration…you won’t regret it.

6 Loch Bremsaufnahme vs. …
6 bolt-mount vs. …
… Centerlock!
… center-lock!

Specs of the Fulcrum Red Power HP

Rim: Alloy, 23C
Brakes: 6 Loch oder Centerlock
Spokes: Stainless steel, Front: 28; Rear: 28
Hub: Alloy, Front: HH15 o. QR – 100mm; Rear: HH12 o. QR – 142 o. 135 mm
Weight: 27,5″: 1835 g, 29″: 1910 g

For more information check the Fulcrum website.

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Words: Fulcrum Photos: Fulcrum, Christoph Bayer