UNIOR Tyre Clippers

Perhaps the coolest tool on the market, the UNIOR tyre cutters, in conjunction with Schwalbe, are the perfect gift for the tyre geek. With a height guide and powerful jaws, you can happily turn all your expensive tyres into semi-slicks quickly and expensively. Price is still TBA, but nothing says 'hardcore' more than rocking a set of these in your toolbox.

For more information head to unior-bike.com

HT ME03T Pedals

‘Lightweight’ and ‘flat pedals’ are terms that do not normally go hand in hand, but the sexily named HT ME03T pedals rock a large platform and weigh in at an incredible 218 g. With a titanium axle, magnesium body and the latest EVO + system bearings and IGUS bushings they are certainly desirable, but at £229 you will have to sell a kidney to afford them.

For more information head to ht-components.com

Identiti Mettle

Looking like the bastard love child of a mountain bike and a Navy torpedo, the new Identiti Mettle certainly looks brutal in its intent. The distinctive 6000 series aluminium tubes and hardcore build kit suggest this is a bike for real riders. The numbers back up the hype too, with a 65-degree head angle, 27.5-inch wheels with space, and-then-some, for 2.5″ tyres and a generous 485 mm reach in size Large. Even though it was in development for three years, the Mettle is bang up to date with a 230 x 60 mm Metric shock for increased bushing overlap, and Boost 148 dropouts. We need to get a shot on one of these ASAP.

For more information head to identitibikes.com

Nukeproof Horizon Range

Not only did Nukeproof drop the Horizon pedals, but a cool new Horizon Bar range too. Available in a number of colours and rises we will bring a full review very soon.

For more information head to nukeproof.com