It’s rainy. The trail is filthy, wet and muddy, pelting your face with dirt. On such days, when even getting out is hard, it can be even harder to protect your eyes, so riding glasses are as essential as your multitool. But after such a muddy ride, what’s the right way to clean your glasses without scratching them? A divisive question, but one that the experts from adidas eyewear are more than capable of clearing up.

Ordentlich zerkratzt: Die Gläser dieser Evil eye evo pro wurden durch unsachgemäße Pflege ordentlich zerkratzt.
Pretty scratched: These evil eye evo pro lenses have got into a pretty bad state due to improper/inexistent care.

Ask five friends what the best way to clean your glasses is and you’ll be confronted with five different answers. From wiping them with a glasses cloth, running them under water, whizzing them through the ultrasonic cleaning bath or even just with washing-up liquid; it’s an issue that is approached from so many angles. Fortunately, Christian from adidas eyewear has given us the definitive and simple answer.

Egal ob der Dreck noch frisch oder bereits eingetrocknet ist – diese Anleitung funktioniert immer!
Fresh dirt or disgustingly caked-on mud, this is a cleaning method that works.


Very easy


  • Running water or a filled bottle of drinking water.
  • Glasses bag made from microfibre

How to

Zu Beginn sollte bei den adidas eyewear Modellen der Sweatbar demontiert werden. Dabei darauf achten nicht die verschmutzten Gläser zu berühren.
Begin by removing the sweat bar from the adidas eyewear, taking care not to touch the dirty lenses.
Das Wasser sollte in etwa 37° C warm sein.
The water should be around 37° C.
Die Gläser unter fließendem Wasser abspühlen ...
Wash the lenses under running water …
... bis sämtliche Verschmutzungen gelöst und entfernt sind.
… until the flecks of dirt are removed.
Vor dem Abtrocknen der Gläser darauch achten das diese wirklich komplett sauber sind.
Before drying the lenses ensure that they are completely clean and dirt-free.
Die Gläser mit Hilfe des Brillenbeutels abtrocknen ...
Dry the lenses using only the microfibre glasses bag (not kitchen roll, tea towel or a glasses cloth etc.) …
... und den Sweatbar wieder aufklicken.
… then click the sweat bar back into place.
Blitz Blank! Jetzt ist der volle Durchblick wieder garantiert.
Shiny shiny new! Hurray, you’ll be able to see clearly again!

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Photos: Christoph Bayer Words:Christoph Bayer

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