Feature Issue #043

Hype this: eight awesome products to keep the party going on the trail or at home!

From practical tools to keep your party going, awesome music to relax, to the perfect present for your buddy who already has everything, read on for eight products to enjoy with your friends on the trail and at home!

AeroPress Go Coffeemaker

After a night spent bivvying under the summer skies with your mates, you’re woken by birdsong and the first rays of the sunshine. Sounds idyllic, right? But what’s missing? Right, a good cup of coffee! Don’t worry, you no longer have to ruin your mornings with tasteless instant coffee… The AeroPress Go is a new, more compact version of the popular miracle coffee brewer. Put your freshly ground beans into the brew chamber, add boiling water, press down the plunger and your cup of black gold is ready! If you run out of gas (again) and your only source of water is an ice-cold mountain stream, you can still serve up a tasty cup of cold brew within two minutes. With its compact 14 x 10 x 10 cm dimensions (including the cup!), the AeroPress Go will fit in even the smallest pack and the caffeinated boost it provides, easily justifies its 326 g weight.

Price: € 139.80
Info: aeropress.com

Fujifilm X100V Camera

So, you want to document your adventures but your old DSLR is too heavy to take riding and your smartphone camera no longer meets your requirements? In that case it’s high time for a compact camera! With the X100V, Fujifilm have released the fifth generation of their popular X100 series and equipped it with a large APS-C BSI sensor and a versatile 23 mm fixed focal length lens (35 mm equivalent). The lens promises sharp images even in low light conditions and not even your fastest mate will be able to escape the camera’s rapid autofocus. In case that “one last shot” takes 30 tries and you get caught out in the rain, don’t worry! An optional adapter ring and protective filter make the Fujifilm X100V weatherproof, allowing you to take bangers in even the worst storms!

Price: € 1,499
Info: fujifilm.com

Shotgun kids seat

Front-mounted MTB child seats are game changers for mountain biker parents. How else can your little buddy experience the thrill of blasting trails and whizzing around bends in between the arms of the person that they trust the most in the world? Riding with your child in a front-mounted seat allows you to really share the riding experience, rather than them just being a passenger. With your child sitting comfortably over the suspension fork, you’ll be able to ride singletrack and moderately rough terrain without the drag of a trailer. Enter the Shotgun Front Mounted Child Seat… Designed for kids between the age of 2 and 5 years and rated up to 22 kg, the Shotgun seat is designed to fit both hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes. It also features full rubber protection, making it safe for both carbon and alloy frames, as well as a quick-release fitting for easy installation and removal.

Price: € 155
Info: kidsrideshotgun.eu

Leatherman Crunch

The Leatherman Crunch is infamous amongst its peers and unlike any multitool you have ever seen before. But what makes it so unique? The Crunch features locking pliers that will clamp tubes up to 1” in diameter, making it a great tool for trail-side rotor truing and more. It also has a pair of hard-wire cutters, a metal file, locking 420HC stainless steel serrated knife and much more. The Leatherman is more than just your standard pocket knife and packs a punch with its 15 useful tools, ensuring you can always keep the party going, whether you’re fixing a tricky mechanical in the middle of nowhere or sharing the meat at a BBQ. While the price is a little steep, you’re paying for a classic tool that will last you a lifetime. The included old-school leather sheath is a nice bonus too!

Price: € 139.99
Info: leatherman.com

Mountain Reggae Radio

Do you enjoy sitting back and relaxing to the sounds of dancehall riddims, classic hip hop, jungle sounds and roots reggae? If so, Mountain Reggae Radio is the radio station for you, playing good vibes 24/7! Mountain Reggae Radio are a small crew of radio selectors based in Innsbruck, Austria. The crew (who also shred mountain bikes) are hosting live radio sets every day at 18:00 CEST during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Tune in and zone out!

Price: FREE
Info: mountainreggae-radio.at

Lindarets titanium tubeless valve stems

Everyone has that mate who has already pimped their bike to the max and beyond. But what do you give that mate for their birthday? We have the ultimate solution – titanium tubeless valve stems! We could dive into all the tricked out details like the increased through-hole diameter for better airflow and reduced blockage by sealant, the four-times higher strength compared to aluminium stems, the chamfered edges for easier bead installation or the replaceable rubber gaskets… but who’s really interested in that? They’re made from titanium! The valve stems are available in 5 colours and with the 2 included refresh kits you essentially get 3 sets of stems, which makes the price look quite a bit more reasonable. Unfortunately, availability in Europe is somewhat difficult at the moment, though Lindarets is in the process of finding distributors as you read this.

Price: $ 47.45 (set, incl. 2 refresh kits)
Info: lindarets.com

Wolf Tooth bottle opener with rotor truing tool

Are you after a new key fob, bottle opener or even a rotor truing tool? Then check out this 3-in-1 gadget from American brand Wolf Tooth Components! Available in a host of different colours and weighing just 32 grams, this American-made gadget is a must-have for any riders who enjoy a chilled post-ride beverage. The aluminium bottle opener is claimed to “pop off any lid first time” and features a large rotor truing slot, allowing you to fine-tune your setup or straighten bent rotors in a twist. There’s also a hole for a keychain or carabiner. Cheers!

Price: € 19
Info: wolftoothcomponents.com

Netflix Party

A few months ago, watching Netflix in your pyjamas was a luxury to be enjoyed on lazy weekends. Now, lots of us have all the time in the world to lounge around on the sofa and even the near endless options on our favourite streaming platforms are becoming boring. If only we could watch Netflix in real-time with our mates… Netflix Party to the rescue! The Chrome extension is free to download and lets you watch movies with your friends and chat at the same time! Here’s how it works: you and your friends log into your separate Netflix accounts and pick a movie or series to watch. Netflix Party synchronises the playback so you’re all watching the same thing at the same time. It also includes a chat function at the side of the screen so you can talk with your mates in real-time. Bring back some social connection to your life and enjoy watching movies with your mates again!

Price: FREE
Info: chrome.google.com

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