Issue #029

Hype This! 8 Items of MTB Bling

Below you’ll find 8 of the finest MTB related products and bling to feast your eyes over! Continue on reading or head over to issue #029 to check out the original article.

Crank Brothers F15

Science has actually proven that popping bubble wrap can leave you feeling calmer and more awake, bringing many positive health benefits. If you’re the sort of person who cannot leave bubble wrap unpopped, then you’ll love the new Crank Brother F15 tool. The magnetic case snaps closed with such a beautifully satisfying ‘click’ that we all stopped work for 7 days just to repeatedly open and close it. If the cool super-magnet is not awesome enough, it actually has 15 very useful tools to fix your bike including a chain breaker and bottle opener. ‘Click, click, click’ …

Price: € 42.99

Deathgrip The Movie

This movie is not recommended at all! Yes, the cover price may be just €11.99, but after a single viewing you will give up your job, sell your house, leave your wife and invest all your money in a DH bike, flat pedals and race pajamas. You will then spend whatever pennies are left searching out sunset bathed dirt jumps in exotic locations while futilely trying to copy Brendog’s alien bike skills. Do yourself a favour and avoid this film, watching riding this sick is very bad for your health.

Price: € 11.99

Five Ten District

It’s not easy looking cool these days. No sooner do you choose your style than the masses jump on it and ruin it. Take beards and flannel for instance, lumberjacks used to be the kings before hipsters made them all retreat back to the woods in shame. Yes, you have to work hard to be cool, it takes years of dedication, maximum effort – or you could just buy some Five Ten Districts and look bad-ass straight away! Available in clipless and flat, and with a Marathon sole, they are red hot!

Price: € 79.95
Sizes: US 5 – US 14


GoPro Hero 5 Session

Do you know that globally people watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos a day! That would take a single person 115,000 years! If you still think that’s not enough and want to add your own 10 minutes, nothing says ‘Pro Bro’ more than a GoPro strapped to your head. With the release of the new GoPro HERO 5 Session and it’s voice control you can do away with the ‘“Hey buddy, is the red light on?” conversation and get straight into the shredding. But be warned, filmed in glorious 4k video the whole world will know just how slow you really are.

Price: € 359
Quality: 4 K

Voice Control: YES!
Video Stabilization: YES!


Stiffness is a funny property in bikes, a stiff frame is good but a stiffer frame is bad, stiff wheels are good but stiffer wheels are bad. Cornelius Kapfinger of the small German components company, Intend, is now telling us that a stiff headset is bad but a stiffer headset is good. His new ‘bend free’ headset uses radial and axial bearings to reduce handlebar bending by up to 30%. Available in 20, 13 and 7 mm rises for just €79, this could be the value upgrade of the century.

Price: € 79


Sometimes you just need a big-ass bag to throw your stuff in. They don’t come much bigger or simpler than the ION Universal Bike Bag, perfect for stashing all your riding gear for a week long adventure, keeping your car mud-free, robbing a bank or using as an impromptu shelter if Donald Trump starts pushing buttons. With enough haul-loops, it’s the cycling equivalent of a bag-for-life, what’s not to love?

Price: € 69.50


Do you know how to get free beers for life? Next time your mate snaps their chain, tell them “I bet you a beer I can fix that”. They will look at you and see you have no bag or tools and think they’re onto a safe bet. “OK, you’re on!” Pretend to warm up your fingers, then do some stretches before grasping the chain between your teeth. Then like a magician, victoriously pull this incredible tool from within your steerer tube. With its chain breaker, full multi tool and CO2 inflator head you should never have to buy a beer again.

Price: EDC TOOL $ 59 + EDC TAP $ 35 + EDC TOP CAP $ 25
Weight: 227 g

Whyte S150

With today’s trend of new trends, and standard of new standards, you may be forgiven for expecting another geometry standard to be met with the… I’m sorry, standard reply of “kill it with fire”. But wait, Whyte’s new long travel S-150’s special 42 mm offset fork actually makes sense. Cut through the marketing hype and scepticism and underneath is engineering sense and one of the best handling 29er bikes on the market. “Sit down and be humble”, the S-150 is one of the most exciting bikes of 2017.

Sizes: M, L, XL
Wheelsize: 29”

Weight: 13.3 kg

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