Ibis drop new adjustable width bars

So simple it hurts. If you are the sort of rider who just cannot make up their mind about bar width, or breaks out in a cold sweat whenever the hacksaw comes out, well Ibis have your back!

The new Ibis bars use an instet allowing upto 50 mm of adjustment.

Ibis have come up with a very clever new bar width solution, their new Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi bars feature a 25 mm wide aluminium insert that threads into the end of the bar allowing you to switch between 750 and 800 mm in minutes, without resorting to the hacksaw. If that’s too big a step you can cut down the inserts to whatever dimension you need, safe in the knowledge you can return the bar to its original size for just $15. If you’re the sort of rider who has a 751 mm tree gap on their home trails, but likes to run a full 800 mm for the bike park, these bars may rock your world. The bars will come in two versions, a Lo-Fi 10 mm rise and Hi-Fi 30 mm rise and weigh 238 g and 249 g respectively. The new bars will feature on all Ibis XT, X01 and XX1 build kits and also on other builds for a small upgrade fee. If you want to buy the, they will cost €169.99 with a seven year warranty.

The aluminium inserts thread into the bar
If desired you could further cut the inserts down to customise your bar

While we have to admit we never really had a problem running the same width bars, hey, it’s always great to have a choice. If you feel the need to change your bar width like you change you shock settings, or you’re simply width curious the new Ibis bars are an elegantly simple solution.

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Words: Photos: Ibis Cycles