Ask any American to name some typically German traits and you’ll probably hear the words: efficient, disciplined, driven, and perhaps even boring. But who said efficiency and dedication are synonymous with boring? Daniel Häberle, the MTB brand manager at FOCUS Bikes disproves any ties between those traits!

Being 184cm tall, Daniel chose to ride a large frame.
Being 184cm tall, Daniel chose to ride a large frame.

Daniel wanted to build an individual bike without costing him a year’s salary, one that was both lightweight and capable of holding its own on pretty much every terrain. The result: a beauty of a custom build bike that exceeds his expectations.

The scale tips in at just about 13,4 kg.
The scale tips in at just about 13,4 kg.
Die SRAM X.0-Kurbel hält das Gewicht unten, der E*thirteen Lightguard die Kette oben.
While the SRAM X.0 cranks do their bit to keep the weight low, the E*thirteen Lightguard keeps the chain high.
Die SRAM GX-Kassette ist günstiger und nicht viel schwerer als die X0, mit X0-Schaltwerk aber genauso knackig.
The SRAM GX cassette costs less than the X0 – and only weighs marginally more. Add in the X0 rear derailleur and shifting is just as crisp.
Der Maxxis HighRoller II mit 2,4" Breite bietet eine Menge Grip.
The Maxxis HighRoller II at 2.4″ wide dish up tons of grip.
Hämmertime! Die Stuttgarter Härte scherrt und schoinzgt über die lokalen Trails.
Hämmertime! The Stuttgart riding crew, the Stuttgarter Härte love shredding and scrubbing their awesome local trails.
Das Griptape an der Fernbedienung für die Reverb ist keine Neuerfindung, aber trotzdem ein praktischer Touch!
Putting grip tape on the Reverb’s remote lever is nothing groundbreaking but it’s definitely a worthwhile, practical touch!
Daniel vertraut auf DMR Death Grips und SRAMs Guide Ultimate.
Daniel swears by DMR Death Grips and SRAM Guide Ultimate.
Die ACROS-Carbonlaufrad-Prototypen sind teuer, sparen aber eine Menge Gewicht an den richtigen Stellen und halten viel aus.
The ACROS prototype carbon wheels aren’t cheap, but they’re built to last and keep the weight down to a minimum.
Der RockShox Vivid Coil mit leichter Titanfeder war eigentlich ein Versuch – doch die Performance hat Daniel überzeugt!
With a lightweight SA-spring, the RockShox Vivid Coil was only ever intended to be a trial, but its performance won Daniel over!
Die bewährte PIKE federt, gedämpft durch die günstigere RC-Kartusche, an der Front.
The tried and tested RockShox PIKE gives the suspension alongside the more wallet-friendly RC damper.
German Engineered: Das Focus SAM C ist ein echtes Sahnehäubchen.
German Engineered: The Focus SAM C is proud of its origins.
Don’t forget your roots: Daniel steht auf die lokalen Trails!
Don’t forget your roots: Daniel pays dues to his preferred local trails!
Der Joystick-Lenker und der Hope-Vorbau sind aus Aluminium: Das spart Geld.
Sticking to budget: the Analog Joystick bars and Hope stem are made of aluminium.
Focus-SAM-C-Check-4 Focus-SAM-C-Check-3
Wenn du auf den Stuttgarter Trails unterwegs bist, könnte Daniel dich bereits im Visier haben!
If you’re out shredding the local trails around Stuttgart then it’s highly likely that Daniel has already got you in his sights!

Who is Daniel Häberle?

Daniel is MTB brand manager at FOCUS Bikes. His key tasks are marketing projects and brand building activities. He’s been on the bike most of his life and started embracing enduro style riding long before it became the buzzword of the industry.

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Text & Bilder: Noah Haxel

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