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French olympic-athlete in cross country and pro-biker Cacil ravanel startet riding enduro races this year. She got third at the Kali Metabief Open Enduro. Just one week later, she participated at the first race of the Enduro World Series and got third after Tracy Moseley and Emmeline Ragot – not bad for one of her first races!

ENDURO: Decribe yourself as a person?

Cecil: It is difficult to talk about to myself, Cedric who does that :) I’m little bit an artist, feet on the ground but the head in the clouds. I make designs for the team (jerseys, helmets Deco, truck, website …)
In sport I need to set goals hight enough to motivate me or a new challenges as to move from XC Enduro but I always have to keep the notion of pleasure and I especially have the chance to share my passion with Cedric


ENDURO: Since when have you been riding bikes?

Cecil: I ride at a high level since 1998 in xco. Besides that I have always been attracted by all the discipline of mountain biking, I participated in a few national races in downhill, I tried to do one World Cup in 2003 but at the first track test I finished in the ambulance :/

At home we always had dirt jumps and a pump track.

I started the enduro this year, my first race was a week-end before Punta Ala, I fell twice in each special :)

This transition was anticipated since the end of 2010 When We Talked Cedric and I with GT about our GT program was clear XCO 2 years and in 2013 we went over to Enduro.

ENDURO: What was your biggest success?

Cecil: The race which is my best memory is in the XCO (for the moment) it was the World Championships in Australia in 2009, I finished 7th but leading at the beginning of the race and it was huge, the track was beautiful and technical.

ENDURO: Some words on your latest success in Punta Ala?

My last and at the same time the first success Enduro course is Punta Ala and everything combined (the place, the atmosphere and the weather) to keep a great memory. The same weekend (Friday night) I participated in the first round of the World Cup in Germany XCE UCI where i finish 4 (in UCI world cup the podium is a5) of this fact I think this weekend will remain as one of the best of my career.

Cecil Punta Ala

Cecil on the podium in Punta Ala.

Enduro World Series Round 2 in Val d`Allos/Frankreich

Cecil Ravanel Rd 2 EWS


In the second round of the World Enduro Series Cecile RAVANEL reached the 2nd place behind Tracy MOSELEY before Anneke BEERTEN.

ENDURO: What do you mean to your last success at the Enduro World Series in Val d’Allos?

Cecil: A race in the home, of course, especially motivated and I got the 2nd place. Above all, I was able to catch up with Tracy, I also won a stage and I did not think this would happened so quickly.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-03 um 18.25.15

ENDURO: What’s your personal motivation?

Cecil: For many years I had some very high goals in a “constraining” discipline XCO, or it is necessary to pay attention to diet, at rest, where the training is millimetric …. Now it’s different in Enduro, I discover, every race I learn something new, I progresses , I try to found my level limit control . So for now my motivation is to progress release more brakes (without falling) …

Pit space 3

ENDURO: Thanks for the interview and good look in your new discipline – ENDURO!

Cecil: Thanks!

More Info: http://www.teamgt-skodamtb.com/

Interview: Manne Schmitt | Photos: SuperEnduro ©Stefano Bertuccioli, Matt Wragg, Julien Barety

Fanpage von Cecil: www.facebook.com/C.Ravanel


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