Ion increases its 2015 portfolio with the help of new styles and – as a highlight – a few interesting protectors for every usage.

ION Bike Produkte 2015 auf der Eurobike
ION Bike products 2015 at the Eurobike.
ION Ledge 2015 Handschuh
ION Ledge 2015 glove.

ION Ledge gloves 2015

Next to small updates and new colours the Ledge glove is a special highlight. The ION Ledge is available with a Maki_Seam inner glove and finger construction, that positions the nits on the outside of the glove. This should enable a direct and comfortable grip. Rubber prints in the ankle area guarantee better protection against tree branches and during falls.

Alle nähte am Ledge liegen außen, was für überragenden Komfort und ein sehr direktes Griffgefühl sorgen soll.
All nits are on the outside, which guarantees excellent grip and grear comfort.
Beim ION K_CAP sorgt eine Kunststoffplatte am Knie für bessere Rutscheigenschaften im Falle einen Sturzes.
The ION K_CAP comes with a plastic plate by the knee that helps to generate better slipping capabilitiers during a fall.

The ION Ledge gloves are priced at 49,90 EUR.

ION K_CAP 2015

The K_CAP is a new kind of knee protector, that is based on the K_PACT model. While the main build has remained the same, the new model has received a plastic cap. The protecting material is SAS-Tech padding. The plastic plate has the main task to produce less friction on earth during falls – this helps to prevent twistment of the protectors.

Die Kunststoffplatte ist - zum Beispiel zum Waschen - abnehmbar.
The plastic plate can be taken out to be washed.
Der obere Teil des Schoners kann beim Pedalieren wandern.
The top part of the protector can move about during pedalment.

The K_CAP protector uses the Tectronic_Fit construction principle, which includes the disconnection of the top part with the bottom part. This makes it easier for these parts to overlap eachother.

Der ION K_LITE 2015
The ION K_LITE 2015

The Ion K_CAP protectors are priced at 109.00 EUR, the extended Select version is available for 159.00 EUR

ION K_Lite & E_Lite 2015

ION’s protector range is just about to grow even more: The K_Lite protectors are light protectors for knees and elbows, that are delieverd without velcro straps. Therfore, in order to guarantee a secure fit, ION uses silicon prints at the cuff and slip free, as well as well-placed neopren filling.

Neoprenstreifen auf der Innenseite sichern den Schoner gege
Neopren stripes make the protector secure.

SAS-Tec foam is the padding used within the K_PACT models, which is especially thinner and is almost not noticeable while pedalment.

The ION K_Lite protectors are priced at 79.90 EUR and the E_Light elbow version is available for 68.90 EUR.

Ion Scrub Line 2015

ION Scrub Tee SS Helium - 69,90 Euro
ION Scrub Tee SS Helium – 69.90 EUR.
ION Scrub Tank Helium  - 59,90 Euro
ION Scrub Tank Helium – 59.90 EUR.
ION Scrub Tee LS 3/4 Helium und LS Helium - 79,90 bzw. 89,90 Euro
ION Scrub Tee LS 3/4 Helium and LS Helium – 79.90 and 89.90 EUR.
ION Scrub Bikeshort Avic - 139,90 Euro
ION Scrub Bikeshort Avic – 139.90 EUR.

ION Roam line 2015

ION Tee SS Madium - 59,90  Euro
ION Tee SS Madium – 59.90 EUR.
ION Shirt LS Stroke - 99,00 Euro | ION Zip Hoody Amp 129,- Euro
ION Shirt LS Stroke – 99.00 EUR | ION Zip Hoody Amp 129.00 EUR.
ION Roam Tee SS Logo DR - 49,90 Euro
ION Roam Tee SS Logo DR – 49.90 EUR.

ION Traze Linie 2015

ION Bikeshort Vertex - 99,90 Euro
ION Bikeshort Vertex – 99.90 EUR.
ION Tee SS Strait - 69,90 Euro
ION Tee SS Strait – 69.90 EUR.
ION Shell Short Splatter - 99,90 Euro
ION Shell Short Splatter – 99.90 EUR.

The new ION products will be available from next spring on. Please feel free to visit the following link for more information:

Text: Aaron Steinke Photos: Klaus Kneist

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