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Share the stoke with your offspring – ENDURO Kids Style Guide

Even before they’ve grown any teeth – let alone walked and talked – we bet you’re eager to see your kid develop the skills to cruise around the park on a balance bike, willing Christmas to arrive sooner just for the pleasure of placing a mini version of your fave brand’s jersey under the tree. To ensure your kid has the best introduction to mountain biking, only the best will do, right? We’ve compiled a list that won’t just make your offspring look like a mountain bike pro, but should also lay the groundwork for a glowing future on two wheels.

Maloja T-Shirt BastianB.

With an outdoorsy, Heidi-esque print emblazoned all over this breathable kids t-shirt from Maloja, the message of ‘Over the mountains and through the woods’ is all-pervasive. The whole family will be struck by the call of the wild, hitting the mountains to hike and ride – obviously with a visit to Heidi and Peter inclusive. But watch out, this loose-fitting, quick-drying kids jersey with built-in UV protection might be too much of a distraction for Heidi, who’ll swiftly lose interest in helping Peter with the goats. If you’re not immediately enthralled with the blueberry colour, it also comes in two additional styles: Koi and bamboo.

Price: € 60.00
Info: maloja.de

Kids sizes: S – XXL

Five Ten Freerider Kids VCS

Jackson Goldstone is a pretty regular kid. He gets up each morning, eats breakfast, and gets ready for school. But tying his laces prompts that same disgruntled moan that every other kid emits when lumbered with the task. Fortunately, Five Ten have a solution that has neither laces nor a tongue: the legendary mountain bike Freerider shoe with its super grippy Stealth rubber sole now comes in kids sizes with a Velcro fastening. The Freerider Kids VCS gets kids out the door and onto the bike quicker, setting the tone for showing adults a more stylish way of riding. However, those into the maturity of laces won’t be disappointed either; the standard lace-up kids model is still in the collection.

Price: € 69.95
Info: fiveten.com

Sizes (EU): 28.5 – 34.5

VAUDE Kids Grody Shorts V

<em“But mum, why are you making me wear a nappy again?” “Honey, that isn’t a nappy; that’s the padded insert for your new mountain bike shorts. Now you’ll be able to come on all our great rides without getting a sore bum.” Smart. Attuned to the needs of family riders, VAUDE spotted that gap in the market and launched the stretchy, breathable and fast-drying Grody Shorts V with a removable padded insert. With eco-friendly production methods, these shorts are made to last – not least because their strategic placement of elastic means that these will last throughout numerous growth spurts. The removable pad also lends versatility to the shorts, which can be used for any outdoor adventures.

Price: € 60.00
Info: vaude.com

Kids sizes (cm): 110 – 164

Seven iDP M1 Fullface / Flex Elbow / Youth Knee pad

Sharing is caring, right? That’s why there’s so much hype about the Adult Flex Elbow/Youth Knee from Seven Protection. The sharable credentials are pretty obvious from the name; youngsters can use the protectors on their knees, present and protective for their first contact with the ground, while adults can grab them on an occasion when you want more protection. Four straps for adjustment keep them fixed in place and the ventilated rear means that the air will keep flowing while you’re riding. As they even meet an additional safety standard – the CE EN 1621 – they are essentially an ideal all-day, every-day protector.

“Dad, that’s my helmet!” Unfortunately not so versatile with its shareability, the M1 Fullface helmet only really merits one proud owner in the family. However, Seven Protection have raised the bar to produce this lightweight full-face lib with a polycarbonate shell to fit head circumferences from 48 to 62 cm.

Adult Flex Elbow/Youth Knee: € 74.99
M1 Fullface Helm: € 99.99
Info: 7protection.com

Kids sizes: S, M, L, XL
Kids sizes: XXXS – XL

Fox Racing Kids Combo

“When I’m older I want to tear down the trails as slyly and artfully as a fox!” With the Fox Kids Combo consisting of their Junior Demo Jersey, Junior Demo Pant and the Youth Dirtpaw Race gloves, the foundations for that youthful dream are already in motion – with added style. Conceived for the aspirational downhill crowd, the baggy Demo pants are made with rip-stop 600D fibres with the requisite space for protectors underneath. The matching jersey is not only super lightweight and breathable, it also looks very cool. Once the Dirtpaw gloves are pulled on, the trails are ready for the tasting. Have fun!

Junior Demo Pant: € 100.00
Junior Demo Jersey: € 40.00
Youth Dirtpaw Race: € 27.00
Info: foxracing.com

Kids sizes: W22, W24, W26
Kids sizes: S, M, L
Kids sizes: XS – L

FUSE Protection Delta Series

Don’t be discouraged by the red X on the protectors – fortunately they didn’t come from a school report. The Delta Series from Fuse gets figurative green ticks all over the place and promises to get your offspring through the year without any major mishaps. Fuse makes use of their own DFS Protection System, which relies on plastic caps and integrated polyurethane foam for added protection. Doubts aside; these protections even satisfying motorbike safety standards. In the name of comfort and breathability, they’ve utilized lycra on the rear of the protectors, with newly designed straps and a non-slip interior to keep the pads in place. Now, don’t bring any more red crosses home from school!

Fuse Delta Knee Pad: € 59.99
Fuse Delta Elbow Pad: € 44.99
Info: fuse-protection.com

Sizes: Kids, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Sizes: Kids, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Crankbrothers Stamp 2

When was the last time you walked barefoot through a grassy meadow, consciously aware of Mother Nature’s presence? These days it can be summed up in the word ‘earthing’, which is all about bringing us back to what really matters, back to basics, where energy is drawn into your body without any distractions like socks or shoes. Curious? You should be, but it’s probably best to avoid bare feet when riding on these flat pedals from Crankbrothers. Those pins might donate a complimentary reflex zone massage, but it won’t be long until you squeal with pain. The Stamp 2 pedals come in two sizes and are recommended from shoe size 37 and upwards. So, what’s stopping you?

Price: € 79.99
Info: crankbrothers.com

Sizes: S (37 – 42), L (42 – 48)

Bern Nino

Pull on your glad rags, and wear this lid with pride! The Nino is a hip helmet for kids from the credibly trendy helmet brand Bern. The additional flip visor adds a touch of toddler-friendly independence when it comes to style and sunshine. Coming in various sizes, the Nino is recommended for kids from two years old. The inner layer is removable and easily swapped for a winter-ready version so you can hit the slopes too. It’s built with Bern’s Zipmold + technology, which utilizes their own Velcro fastener, prioritising safety. A year-round helmet with style and safety!

Price: € 39.95
Weight: 323 g
Info: bernhelmets.com

Sizes: XS/S (48 – 51.5cm), S/M (51.5 – 54.5cm)
Colours: dark blue, grey, black, blue, green

Alpina Luzy

Pleading with the mirror once more, the queen asks: ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ Her face drops as the mirror deferentially repeats the same, old answer that Snow White is still a thousand times for beautiful than her. And it’s no surprise, really, considering that Snow White has the new Luzy sunglasses from Alpina; her delicate face framed in trendiness as the white frames and multi-coloured, non-break ceramic lenses bathe her in beauty. Alpina went all in with the Luzy design, opting for a super contemporary form and optimistically coloured lenses with built-in protection from UV-A, B and C rays that immediately expel any evil queen into the shade.

Price: € 17.95
Info: alpina-sports.com

Sizes: one size
Colours: mint, white, berry

Nutcase Little Nutty

Enough already, horizontal stripes don’t make you fat! It’s all about how you wear them, and you won’t go far wrong with the Little Nutty helmet for kids from Nutcase in the distinctive Radio Wave design. Equipped with a super easy fidlock magnetic closure that’s managed in seconds as well as an optional visor, there’s nothing anyone can say that will stop this particular stripy helmet from ripping up the trails. The injection moulded ABS exterior is filled with protective EPS foam and features eleven generously sized air vents. Each helmet comes with three sets of moisture-absorbing pads in varying sizes so that no one needs to miss out, whatever head size they’ve got. What’s more, the helmet is officially endorsed for mini scooters, skateboards and roller skating thanks to its EN 1078:2012+A1 certification.

Price: € 64.99
Info: nutcasehelmets.com

Price: XS (48 cm – 52 cm)
Colours: Radio Wave

POC POCito Crane

This is exactly the sort of helmet that your parents are going to be frothing over. The POC Crane merits a place on anyone’s wish list, which is perhaps why it comes in both an adult and a kids’ version. Recently developed for kids, this iteration bears the name POCito Crane. It’s built with an Advanced Dual Density EPS Liner, encircled by a robust exterior to withstand crashes. It also relies on a protective inner core that can comfortably deal with gentle nudges to the lid. As kids aren’t immune to sweat, the POCito Crane features a number of vents to ensure airflow isn’t impeded. Coming in bright orange with reflective details, the Crane is a functional example of road safety (and recognition outside of the schoolyard). Each helmet also comes with handy address stickers so it should always end up on the correct head after school.

Price: € 100
Weight: 350 g
Info: pocsports.com

Sizes: XS – S (51 cm – 54 cm), M – L (55 cm – 58 cm)
Colours: Pocito Orange, Fluorescent Pink

MET Crackerjack

So, what’s your favourite color then? A tough question for kids with butterfly minds, but colour coordinating is most definitely a thing on the playground! Coming in eight different colorways, the MET Crackerjack not only has irrefutable appeal to the masses but also a legion of well-thought-out features. Not only is the visor removable and the fly net able to block out insects through the air vents, the anti-allergen pads can be removed for washing – handy. Oh, then there’s the integrated rear LED light and reflective stickers. And, did we mention that your kid is unlikely to grow out of the Crackerjack as it will expand alongside them, fitting heads from 52 to 57 cm.

Price: € 54.90
Weight: 240 g
Info: met-helmets.com

Size: 52 cm – 57 cm
Colors: black/red, white, safety yellow, orange, emerald green, light blue magenta, black texture green, pink texture green

Canyon Offspring AL 16

Kids won’t just be filled with confidence from the low standover height of the Offspring AL 16, they’ll also go mad for SRAM’s 2-gear Automatix drivetrain and hydraulic Level disc brakes. Rolling over roots and rocks is taken to the next level with Canyon’s trail-worthy choice of a capable 18-inch front wheel. The Offspring AL 16 is intended for kids between 98 cm and 110 cm. Coming in a choice of two colorways – Blue and the Factory Enduro Team design – it looks like all the ingredients are there for your offspring to emulate Joe Barnes in conquering the trails.

Price: € 499
Weight: 8.2 kg
Info: canyon.com

Wheel size: 16 inch
Colors: Blue, Factory Enduro Team

Trek Roscoe 20

Siiiiiick! The new Trek Roscoe has chunky 20 inch-plus tires that chew up the trails, lending more control and confidence to your young gun rider. With eight gears at their disposal, it won’t be long before your offspring as leaving you for broke on the steep climbs. The mechanical disc brakes from Tektro bring a decent bite to brake well on descents. If you’re into a shared happy-family vibe, the Roscoe also comes in an adult model with various builds.

Price: € 399
Weight: 10.53 kg
Info: trekbikes.com

Wheel size: 20 inch
Colors: Quicksilver, Flamingo Pink

Propain Dreckspatz 20

The Dreckspatz belongs on the trails, splattered in mud and causing raucous cries of joy – living up to its name that roughly translates as mucky pup. This 20inch hardtail suits kids from 1.10 m and upwards, particularly those who are ready to embark on the next stage in their trail adventures. With a 7-speed SRAM GX drivetrain, it’s built for climbing while its carbon 1st Ride fork and hydraulic SRAM Level disc brakes will see your kid down the descents in one grinning piece. The Dreckspatz has a really functional build, which will be confirmed by the broad grin on your little rascal’s face when they lurch into the house covered in mud.

Price: € 999
Weight: 8.6 kg
Info: propain-bikes.com

Wheel size: 20 inch
Color: Blue

WeThePeople Prime 12″

The best way to cultivate the next BMX star is surely to sow the seeds with this super stylish WeThePeople Prime balance bike. Impeccably well-made, this BMX is basically a miniature version of the real bike albeit with it foot pegs and no cranks, ensuring that their feet are out of the way while cruising. The 2.25” Kenda tires roll smoothly on 12-inch wheels, propelling the next generation of BMX stars forwards. After a long stint with this beauty of a balance bike, surely the next upgrade in your garage will be the 16 inch Seed BMX – but next time with pedals.

Price: € 229
Weight: 4.5 kg
Info: wethepeoplebmx.de

Wheel size: 12 inch
Colors: Metallic Blue, Metallic Red

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