Koroyd EOP 1.0 (1 von 1)

Jury Verdict

The Koroyd EOP1 back protector is made from an exciting new type of honeycomb material which combines low weight and great air circulation. The lab test showed that the high-tech protector also offers excellent impact protection: the EOP1 is the thinnest protector on the market to pass the demanding EN1621-2 norm. The ratio of weight, protection, and venting is unmatched by any other product. Thanks to the innovative material, the Koroyd technology allows riders to save weight without compromising safety – just what we want from modern protectors! For even more security a wider version is also available which covers the whole of your back. The Koroyd EOP1 protector also fits in most common protector backpacks.

Koroyd EOP 1.0 (1 von 1)-2

Price: 59.99 € | Weight: 205 g

More info: koroyd.com

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