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The Lab – Leatt Chest Protector AirFlex Women – Light and airy women’s protection

Light, airy, and adapted to female anatomy. That’s what the Leatt Chest Protector AirFlex Women promises. Over and above that, it should also offer protection and comfort, of course. We spent several days in a bike park to test the chest protector and find out if it can deliver.

Leatt Chest Protector AirFlex Women | Tester Sofia | Duration 6 months | Weight 748 grams (size S/M) | Price € 199,95 | Manufacturer’s website

While the “pink it and shrink it” motto has long been applied to women’s mountain bike products, we’re happy to report that this trend is receding with an ever-increasing proportion of women in the sport. This is accompanied by more and more women’s specific products adapted to the female anatomy. The Leatt Chest Protector AirFlex Women is a women’s specific version of their lightweight upper body protector. It doesn’t just feature an adapted shape but also offers plenty of protection and cool features. It can be yours for € 199.95.

The flexible rear section conforms to your back from the shoulders to the lower back, offering plenty of freedom of movement.

The Leatt Chest Protector AirFlex Women is available in three sizes – XXS/XS, S/M and L – and thus caters to female riders ranging from 148 to 178 cm tall. The Leatt Protection Score provides a good overview of the level of protection offered. In this case, the light and airy Leatt Chest Protector AirFlex Women scores a solid 9. For comparison: the Body Protector 5.5, featuring thicker and larger pads as well as shoulder and elbow pads, scores the maximum number of 25 according to the manufacturer’s scoring system – and makes you look like a Ninja Turtle, too. The reviewed lightweight Leatt Chest Protector AirFlex Women is made up of chest and back protectors that are connected via the shoulders. The AirFlex is not a hard-shell protector, and is made of a flexible and airy material instead. On closer inspection, it comprises many small, interconnected triangles with cavities in the middle, which give it flexibility and good ventilation. The chest protector can be adjusted via two wide straps around the hip and two thinner straps at chest height. The front part of the protector is also fully pre-formed to accommodate the feminine curvature. Depending on the cup size, the two small straps can be used to dial in the fit.

The chest strap allows you to dial in the fit of the protector according to the size of your bust…
… and the second strap below that lets you cinch everything down.

Before hitting the trails, you must first pick the right size. Leatt use the body size for orientation. From our experience, however, it’s better to go by the length of your torso. If you have a short torso, for example, the recommended size will likely be too long. The material might feel a bit scratchy on your skin. As such, we preferred wearing a shirt underneath the protector. That said, you’ll have to consider whether you still want to wear a jersey over it on particularly hot days or just rock the bike park shredder look. If you opt for the jersey, you won’t look like a G.I. Jane in armour standing in the lift queue, as the protector is very discreet. It’s generally close-fitting and doesn’t shift while riding. The preformed bust also provides a good fit – even with cup size C. It’s well-shaped, at the right height, and wide enough to stop anything from slipping out to the sides. After a full day in the bike park, the odours emitted by the protector are kept within limits and it hardly gets smelly even after prolonged use. If it does start to reek, you shouldn’t put it in the washing machine, but rather wash it by hand.

Nothing to see here: the protector is hardly visible, even under a t-shirt – cool!

The Leatt Chest Protector AirFlex Women delivers thanks to its well-ventilated and lightweight material while providing a lot of freedom of movement. It’s very discreet and conforms to the shape of your body, offering a snug fit, which you can easily adjust with the help of various straps. The pre-formed bust is well-shaped and positioned, both protecting your chest and holding everything in place. All in all, a good choice for women who want a light and airy protector.


  • plenty of freedom of movement and ventilation
  • snug fit
  • adjustable chest straps for protection and comfort


  • sizes based on the body size, not torso length
  • feels scratchy on the skin

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Words: Felix Rauch Photos: Peter Walker