Mavic® Trans-Provence will begin it’s fifth edition, racing from the wilderness of the High Provence Alps to the bright lights of Menton on the French Riviera.

Whilst we now live in the era of “Enduro”, it’s hard to remember that just a few years ago, apart from pockets of France and the west coast of America, Enduro was like a closed club, known about by so few; yet it is and was the part of mountain biking sport that best represented the kind of riding that most mountain bikers do and have always done.


In 2013 we have seen the first ever Enduro World Series, where competitors make their own way to the top of the trails, without being timed but race against the clock on the (predominantly) downhill sections. But, until this year, Mavic® Trans-Provence was in a league of its own, the only event which is a combination of multi-day adventure, with gravity orientated racing along the way. It’s a heady package of downhill, with the camaraderie of riding with friends (some old, some new) in a stunning landscape. It is the spirit of Enduro encapsulated; yes it’s about the race, but it’s just as much about people and places, crispy autumnal dawns, high mountain adventure, big skies at night, communal eating in the evening, some beers, some wine and another big day to enjoy tomorrow.


This year Mavic® Trans-Provence begins before the race proper with a “fun” single stage race. With no points at stake, it’s a great chance for competitors who have travelled from far to join us, to stretch their legs and meet their fellow travellers and get the hang of timing system, all without any pressure and an introduction to a week of adventure.


Text & Photos: Mavic® Trans-Provence

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