The new RockShox Reverb 1X Remote has landed and we’re smitten. It’s easy to mount in a matter of minutes. Here’s the how to.

The new RockShox Reverb 1X Remote rocks! Here’s how to mount it.

Difficulty: Simple


  • 20 ml syringe with Bleeding Edge adapter (included)
  • Reverb Oil (included)
  • Matchmaker clamp (included)
  • Cable cutter
  • T25 Torx
  • Gloves
Not many tools are needed to mount the RockShox Reverb 1X Remote, and most of them fortunately come in the package.
The old (left) vs. the new (right). The Bleeding Edge adaptor makes bleeding easy.
Don’t mix these up! On the left is the Bleeding Edge adapter for the brakes, and on the right is for the Reverb remote. They’re not compatible with each other, but they’re both included in the kit.

How to fit: RockShox Reverb 1X-Remote

Time to say goodbye! The old Reverb Remote will soon be a thing of the past.
Prepare the syringe by filling it to around a ⅓ full with Reverb oil.
Unscrew the old lever using the T25 torx tool.
Thanks to the clamp’s design you don’t have to remove your grip.
Wind the hose out the lever.
Shorten the cable by ca. 1 cm.
Put the plastic protector about the cable.
Thread the lever on the cable. Make sure you stop when you feel a defined resistance.
Fit it to your bars along with the brake using the Matchmaker clamp.
Fit the Reverb 1X Remote where you want.
Before you bleed it, turn the speed to its slowest.
Then add the Bleeding Edge adapter and open it with a half turn.
Invert the syringe so you don’t add air to the system.
Hold tight with your fingers when adding the fluid. Unlike the brakes, this could pop off if there’s too much pressure.
When filled, close the Bleeding Edge adapter and draw any overflow fluid back into the syringe.
Then re-set your dropper speed.
Done! Now just put the cap back on and your lever is ready to go.

If the speed of the post is to slow you have to bleed the Reverb completely. This video will tell you how it works:

First Ride: RockShox Reverb 1X-Remote

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