Lost in the time, away from urbanization this place is the definition of magic. From the first moment I landed I knew the place would spread through me. As I bike around the Mustang, the vista keeps offering me new treasures of adventurous beauty, and every time I tell myself why I can’t take this place wherever I go.



The serious wind and challenging weather condition definitely adds to frustration, but every time you look outside and stare at those tall snow covered mountains, those frustrations dilute, and you know you are in for a true lifetime experience. The place is truly a biker’s paradise, every day you come across variety of new terrain to ride; challenging single track to heart pumping steep down hills.
Passing through some century old villages on the way that still hide incredible mountain culture and beliefs taking you to different level of imagination.


Oh!!! Yes it’s brutal at times fighting high altitude but once you cross the hurdle the feeling of achievement is like conquering Mount Everest.



Descending down from Muktinath via Lupra Valley has to be the highlight of the trip. “Lupra valley” the part of Tibetan Plateau commonly known as “Roof of the world” and world’s highest and largest plateau amazes you with its enchanting beauty and even the dry looking feature of the valley looks like ‘out of this world’ landscape. And the view of some of the tallest mountains as you climb up is like the icing on the cake. Somewhere around close to two hours of downhill ride to reach “Eklobhatti” seriously tests your biking skills and the strength of your thigh muscles making it utterly difficult to bear the pain if you are not fit enough. As you get down to Jomsom riding becomes a lot easier since the body has now become acclimatized.
After some much needed rest at Jomsom’s Alka Marco Polo hotel with an evening treat of a refreshing herbal sauna at the same hotel to recharge the tired body, we were all set for day’s ride towards our next destination Lete (Kalopani). As you leave behind the astonishing dry landscapes you will be now be greeted with some lovely pine forests on the way to Lete. What now waits is the amazing peaceful beauty of small lakes such as Sekong Lake, hiding some serious uphill action to reach to the destination. The chilled atmosphere around Lete keeps your body cool, and of course!! a bottle of chilled beer before a good night’s sleep is definitely a great reward after day’s tough riding.


Finally the trip ended at much warmer location “Tatopani” after some typical jeep track downhill stuff and a session in a hot spring pool.
I’ve been there and you could be Next. Feel free to join with EpicRidesNepal.com to experience the Magic of Mustang-Riding down the beautiful landscapes.

Words & Photos: Sandeep Karki [Director-Sales & Marketing]-Epic Rides Nepal

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