While a first prototype of Ergon’s Enduro specific backpack has been already presented during the Canyon Strive press camp (Link here), one could have a look at the final version this Eurobike 2014.
The minimalist backpack is available in two versions, which differentiate in size and equipment and are priced at 149,95 EUR and 129,95 EUR.

Das zweiteilige Desing soll für eine optimale Gewichtsverteilung sorgen.

The two part design of the BE-backpacks ensure perfect weight balance.

The new two part design ensures perfect weight balance on the back and maximum flexibility. A 1.5 litre water drinking system can be stored in the lower pocket, while the top pocket offers enough space for everything else. This division should result in a very good weight distribution. The pack should be able to fit perfectly onto everyone’s back and offers stability for helmets.

Nummerierte Riemen und Ösen sorgen für Ordnung

Numbered cords help to organise gear and make it easy to keep an overview of everything.

Im unteren Fach findet eine horizontale Trinkblase mit 1,5 Liter Volumen Platz

A 1.5 Liter water drinking system can be stored in the lower pocket of the backpack.

The helmet fastening works with the help of a two part belt system, which can be stored in one of the bags, when not being used. To ensure that one doesn’t loose oversight of all the various fastening points, Ergon has numbered each one. The slightly larger BE2 offers two extra cords to add two further protectors.

Auch die neuen BE-Rucksäcke setzen auf Ergons bewährtens Adaptive Carrier System

The new BE back packs use the popular Adaptive Carrier System.

Like with the other Ergon backpacks the back part can be adjousted into four different sizes in order to fit to the riders anatomy. Additionaly, one can choose between two different sizes.

Sowohl Halbschalen als auch Fullface-Helme können problemlos und sicher befestigt werden

Regular as well as full face helmets can be fixed onto the bag.

Am BE2 Enduro lassen sich außerdem weitere Protektoren befestigen

The BE2 has space to strap on more protectors.

The BE1 Enduro Protect is especially made for Enduro racers: It is delivered with a back protector and leaves out fixation options to ensure the back pack remains lightweight. So it weighs, as delivered with a water drinking system and a back protector, a light 965 g (size S) and 980 g (size L). The BE1 is available in red/black and in blue/black, priced at 149,95 EUR.

The BE2 Enduro offers three liters of storage space and extra storage straps. A back protector is not sold with the back pack, but can be bought seperately. The BE2 is priced at 129,95 EUR and is in black/blue or black/red available.

Text & Photos: Aaron Steinke

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