Ibis bikes have presented a new, evolutionary stage in their trail bikes line, the Ripley 29, which actually features in our own Trail Bike Test. Ibis’ famous frame has had a couple of small but significant changes…

The Ripley 29 is offered in two versions: One in the revised version, the application area and driving behavior is very similar to the old version, and the LS variant (LS for Long & Slack) is longer and flatter. The latter is intended for riders with a more aggressive, faster riding style, so the 29 should ride like their Ripley, with super smoothness and stability in the cornering.

Die neue Generation des Ripley ist in den Farben Orange..
The new generation of Ripley is in bright Orange…
..und schwarz verfügbar.
…and black too
Die Geometrietabelle des neuen Ibis Ripley und Ripley LS.
The geometry table of the new Ripley 29.

In addition, the rear has been completely redesigned to make room for mounting on wide rim tires – a trend that the Ibis with its own 941 carbon rim itself has helped to shape. It now also comes with a 12 x 142mm thru-axle to the rear seat and from September, the Ripley 29 will be available with BOOST148 standard.

Der Hinterbau nimmt nun problemlos Reifen bis zu einer Breite von 2,35” auf breiten Felgen auf.
Der Hinterbau nimmt nun problemlos Reifen bis zu einer Breite von 2,35” auf breiten Felgen auf.
Ab September ist das Ripley auch mit BOOST148 am Hinterbau verfügbar.
In September, the new Ripley 29 will be available with BOOST148 as standard.

The cable routing has been optimized based on the CablePort system that is integrated into the Ibis Tranny 29 and Mojo HD3, both with good feedback. Furthermore, the bottom bracket of the 73mm BSA thread is once again as standard. Although Pressfit is light and stiff, the big differences between the products through different manufacturers creates vast problems, explained by Ibis on its website.

Mithilfe des Cable Port Systems lassen sich alle erdenklich Zugkombinationen..
Using the CablePort system, all kinds of combinations are on offer…
...sauber intern verlegen.
…and it’s incredibly clean internally. Wow.
Eine Explosionszeichnung der überarbeiteten Lagerung des DW-Link-Hinterbaus.
An expanded view of the renewed support of the DW – link rear triangle .

The storage of DW – Links has been revised, so that the stiffness is increased in combination with improvements on the axles and the mainframe to 12 %. In addition, the Ripley 29 will be supplied with a specially crafted rubber chainstay protection. Both the revised supporting shafts and the new chainstay protection will soon be available as items in the online shop and also for the older Ripley models.

Der neue Kettenstrebenschutz passt sowohl an alte als auch an neue Ripley-Modelle.
The new chainstay protection suits both old and new Ripley 29 models .
Der Hinterbau wurde überarbeitet und für die Nutzung mit dem neuen Fox Float DPS-Dämpfer optimiert.
The rear has been redesigned and optimized for use with the new Fox Float DPS damper .

The suspension of the Ripley, much like everything else, has been completely redesigned. Ibis have worked closely with Fox and the performance team to alter the new Fox Float shock with DPS. At the front, the Fox float 34 has made an appearance and twinned with the wheels, creates a lighter and stiffer front end compared to last year, plus decreases sag when braking. The wheel has been optimized for the suspension with an offset of 51mm.

Dafür wurden das Ripley gebaut und weiter verbessert: Kurven shredden!
With the Ripley 29 being completely redesigned, it’s definitely a shredder!

For more info, visit: ibis.com.

Text: Martin Stöckl Photos: Ibis Bikes PR

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