The 2015 Fox 36 fork is an outstanding answer to the needs of today’s gravity focused enduro riding. Upon reviewing it we were impressed with its damping performance, stiffness and weight. You can read the detailed review here. The only significant downside was the lack of a quick release axle. The Flow Zone, a small American bike/suspension shop seems to have come up with a solution…


Fox had a clear goal in the development of the 36: maximum performance with minimum weight. To dispose of the quick release axle was therefore only logical. What Racer and weight-weenies care may for has created an annoyance for those who transport their bike often in the car.


The Q36R set of Maverick suspension, you now have a choice: For an additional 99g you get more convenient installation and removal of the front wheel. Certainly for many it is a meaningful improvement because it it significantly quicker and totally tool-free. The set consists of an adaptor for the original axle, two quick-release levers and longer screws and costs $ 89 USD. It fits both to the 15 mm and 20 mm on the axes. Durability or clamping force has been maintained to original factory standards

The Q36R set is available immediately at

Text: Aaron Steinke Photos: Maverick Suspension

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