Strava, the global community for athletes, has launched Strava Local to reveal a unique collection of the highest-quality running and cycling adventures in the world.
The new data-powered, athlete-curated travel guide for athletes is now live for 12 global cities, including London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and New York; it is based on data from over 38 million Strava activities for those cities.

Strava Local is a cityguide for 12 global cities.
Strava Local is a cityguide for 12 global cities.

“We’ve built a series of city guides designed specifically for athletes, by athletes,” says Gareth Nettleton, Director of International Marketing at Strava. “Our data shows us the world’s most popular routes, and our community of local influencers curate each guide to provide a rich and full experience, whether you’re new in town or rediscovering your city.”
He added: “Every Strava Local guide includes routes of varying difficulty, in the city or the countryside, as well as our favourite places to grab coffee, buy gear or simply pull over and snap a great photo.”

The app recommends the best tours and places in the area.
The app recommends the best tours and places in the area.

Strava Local cultivates data from the community’s millions of uploaded activities to explore where athletes run, ride and stop in the world’s most active cities. Strava’s product team then works with local influencers to ensure that each guide features the city’s best riding and running experiences. For London alone, over 10 million Strava activities were analysed to find the most popular routes and stopping points.

“We see that so many of our customers are on Strava, so it’s great that we’re now listed as a Strava Top Stop based on cycling data revealing where cyclists prefer to stop on a ride,” says Jordan Addison, Co-Founder of Esher-based G!RO Coffee. “London is a great cycling city, and being located in the gateway to Surrey, we hope that cyclists can explore the great routes we have in our area, whether they’re locals exploring new areas or visitors wanting to see what we have to offer.”

Strava helps you finding the best places of the city.
Strava Local helps you finding the hidden gems of the city.

Strava Local differs from other city guides because it stems from clusters of millions of existing Strava member uploads, giving unprecedented insight into the habits and experience of athletes.

“Combining over 38 million activities from across the globe, including billions of GPS data points, was a long but worthwhile task and gave us valuable insight into how our athletes run and ride, their stopping habits, even what they often take photos of,” says Andrew Valko, Product Manager at Strava.

The recommendations are based on millions of userdata.
The recommendations are based on millions of userdata.

“City guides have long been a valuable tool for travellers and locals alike, but ours are based on actual data. We have been able to work out where, when and why athletes tend to stop, which we have used to curate a selection of Top Stops and photo spots for each of the 12 cities.”
Optimised for viewing on mobile devices, athletes can access Strava Local online and select top routes to follow with Strava on the road or trail.

Strava Local can be found at

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Words & Pictures: Strava PR

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