Sam Hunter has designed a completely new Bike Pedal born from the need for function, simplicity and form. As with all great ideas, he just needed money to buy the equipment to machine and shape his creation, so he started a crowd funding Project at


The pedals will be super light! The whole system should weight in at around 240g in the steel version, and around 190g in titanium. The pedal float will be 5deg and the release angle 18 deg.


The engagement mechanism has only one moving part making it incredibly tough, so it can be rebuilt if it ever needs to be freshened up.


Sam Hunter says:

I have been an entrepreneur, engineer and a product developer too long to believe that a project will go perfectly from start to finish. The best thing we can do is try and predict the speed bumps and have a plan in place before they arise. I have been riding my pedals for over 3 years now and have been making minor tweaks to them as I have gone along. Lead times with vendors have often slowed the progress of that development. To overcome this, I am going to bring as many processes in house that I can so there is complete control over the development,production and quality process. Regular updates will keep you informed on how things are going. The Infinity Pedal is the first in a long line of rad products that are waiting to hit the market. I can’t wait to get a set on your bike.


Is the spring tension adjustable?

We have come up with a couple different ways to adjust the spring tension. We are currently deciding what is going to be the most user friendly approach.

Is the float adjustable?

Much like the spring tension we have come up with a couple different ways to adjust the float. We are currently deciding what is going to be the most user friendly approach or if we will make it adjustable at all. More to come on this subject.

Is there a three bolt option?

The three hole design will be part of our stretch goal. Once we hit our first goal I will put it on as the stretch goal if we hit $125-$150K, I am still waiting for the pricing on tooling so I am not sure what the goal will have to be. If we hit the goal I will give the option for the road cleat design or the MTB bike design for those that have already purchased.

The Project runs until April 30th, Sam needs 80.000 Dollars to start production of the Pedals. If you pay 129 Dollars or more you will get to choose your color choice, for 349 Dollar or more it will be the titanium version. Of course you can support Sam with less money, each Dollar helps him to realize his dream.

If you need more information or want to support Sam visit his site at

Words: Christoph Bayer / Trevor Worsey Pictures:

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