For 2015 The UKGE team now have in place an independent team organising promotions, marketing, video releases, etc. This will be taking the weight of Steve and the team, who can now focus 100% on tracks, dealing with landowners and such like activities, especially now they also have in place their two riders representatives too. Long-term racer Alex Langley and photographer/videographer Felix Smith will run this new venture together.

They shall not only be keeping UKGE competitors and sponsors informed as to what is going on in the world of the UK’s premier race series, but claim to have a role as critiques to the series, addressing any concerns they feel need to be brought to the table, surely this can only be a good thing.

2015 UK Gravity Enduro Series from Felix Smith on Vimeo.

They shall be making videos using UKGE competitors to wet our appetites for future events and have all sorts of plans and ideas for the future, including regular ‘behind the scenes’ stuff being released and looking into various different ways to change the running of the series. Some thoughts are now going into things like how the overall series points are decided. This may seem like a pretty simple thing to work out, but in their latest findings they have experimented with different ways of working out the leaders, ie – based solely on series points, based on average stage times, based on fastest times, etc. Also there is talk about future rule changes, more thorough insurance and full face helmet explanations and I’m sure the much anticipated ‘expert category’ will also be high on the agenda too.

UKGE Preview Felix Smith- UKGE Preview Felix Smith--2

Over the course of the season they shall be doing a series of videos, where they follow competitors from pro to normal racers, documenting the highs and lows of their racing weekends, this I’m sure will make for very interesting watching, as long as it’s not like certain videos of the past that only focus on the pros; after all they are only a tiny percentage of the real racers! Track building carried out by local clubs, prior to events will also be high on the agenda, with a big focus on locals pulling together and putting in place all weather stages for the events to be run on. So lets see where this goes, as I personally think it’s a brilliant idea for broadening the event’s horizons, keeping things fresh and bringing the series on to continue to be the UK’s number one.

UKGE Preview Felix Smith--3

Words | Jim Buchanan

Pics | Doc Ward, Felix Smith

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