OneUp Components have produced, what they say to be the widest rande 11-speed 1 System ever. The ‘OneUp Shark’ is a range of component upgrades for Shimano 11 speed cassettes which increases the range of a stock 11-42T cassette by nearly a third. Find all the details on the system below:

OneUp Shark is a set of modular upgrades for Shimano 11 speed mountain cassettes. Extend the range of your stock Shimano 11-42T cassette by almost a third, by adding a 50T sprocket and cage kit, a 10T cluster or both. Shark allows you to build the perfect cassette for the trails that you ride. 

A climb crushing, descent hammering, 500% of range.
A climb crushing, descent hammering, 500% of range.

Shark 50T Sprocket and Cage Kit

Increase your chainring size by 4 teeth, and still gain range on both ends of your cassette. This means a higher top speed, a better average chainline (you now spend more time in the middle of your cassette) and legs for days on your next backcountry epic. The converted 11-50T cassette is the widest range cassette available that uses a standard freehub body.


Shark 50T Sprocket Tech Specs

Cassette Progression: 11,13,15,18,21,24,28,32,37,42,50
Sprocket Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum (50T), Nickel plated hardened steel (18T). Maintains the 42T as the smallest aluminum sprocket, preventing premature drivetrain wear. No major drivetrain manufacturer goes smaller than a 40T cassette sprocket in aluminum.
Compatibility: XT M8000 11-42T cassettes (For Shimano 11-40 use the OneUp 45T sprocket) 
Freehub requirement: Standard freehub 
Cassette range improvement: 19%
Colours: Grey or Green


Shark Cage Tech Specs

Pulley Offset: 50% more than stock
Compatibility: Shimano Shadow+ 11spd rear derailleurs
Colours: Grey or Grey/Green
Shark 50T Sprocket and Cage Kit MSRP: $ 125

Looking for even more top end? Add the Shark 10-12T Cluster and OneUp MiniDriver, to gain another 10% range on any 11-speed Shimano mountain cassette.

OneUp has collaborated with Hope Technology to develop a non-proprietary, freehub body standard that accepts a 10T sprocket. This shortened version of a standard freehub is available for Hope, Stan’s and DT hubs with more coming soon. The MiniDriver open standard isn’t shrouded in patents, making the production of inexpensive 10T equipped cassettes a future possibility.


10T Cluster Tech Specs

Kit contains: 10-12 cluster, 14T and 15T 

Cassette Progression:
– 10-12-14-17-19-21-24-27-31-35-40 (11-40 Shimano converted to 10-40)
– 10-12-14-17-19-21-24-28-32-37-42 (11-42 Shimano converted to 10-42)
– 10-12-15-18-21-24-27-31-25-40-45 (11-45 OneUp’d Shimano converted to 10-45)
– 10-12-15-18-21-24-28-32-37-42-50 (11-50 OneUp’d Shimano converted to 10-50)

Compatibility: Shimano 11-spd 11-40 and 11-42 cassettes and OneUp’d Shimano 11-45 and 11-50 cassettes
Freehub requirement: OneUp MiniDriver (or compatible)
Cassette range improvement: 10%
Colour: Nickel Plated cluster with Green Lockring
MSRP: $ 45


The 500% range of a Shark 10-50T cassette matches a typical 2×11 drivetrain, which should be enough to silence any remaining 2X hold outs. 

MiniDriver Tech Specs

Length: 4.5mm shorter than a standard freehub
Lockring Thread: M29
OneUp DT star ratchet compatible MiniDriver MSRP: $ 40

For more information head to the OneUp Components Website.

Words & Photos: OneUp Components Press Release

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