OUT NOW! ENDURO Issue #034 – The best time is now!

As we speak, mountain biking is changing. It’s not just the bikes either, but also the sport as a whole. It’s no longer just a sport for a small gaggle of freaks. It’s going mainstream and it’s spreading as much appeal to adrenaline-hungry extremists as it is to outdoor enthusiasts and families looking for a dopamine hit. In ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine issue #034 we find out that ‘The best time is now’! Go check it out!

  8 enduro bikes under € 4,500 in test  
  Fork test: 8 models in comparison  
  Duel: Canyon Torque vs. YT CAPRA  
  Dream Bike – the UNNO Dash in test  
  The ultimate Setup Fail Compilation  

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All bikes in this issue

Canyon Torque CF 9.0 Pro | COMMENCAL META AM 29 Team Replica | CUBE Stereo 150 C:68 TM 29 | Giant Reign SX | Norco Range C3 29 | Nukeproof Mega 290 Factory | ROSE PIKES PEAK EN | Trek Slash 9.7 | YT CAPRA 27 CF Pro Race | YT CAPRA 29 CF PRO | UNNO DASH

Buying a new bike is a lot like dating: at first, everything looks good through rose-tinted glasses, your brain is flooded with dopamine, and you couldn’t be happier. But after a few weeks or months, you might start to become disillusioned – you’re just not right for each other. To help you find “the one”, we put eight exciting new bikes under € 4,500 head-to-head.

A mighty battle is raging. Podiums around the world are being painted orange or red, the two biggest suspension companies are going toe to toe. Forums are filled with polarising chatter and new challengers want to turn the world upside down. It was time for us to test the 8 best 160 mm suspension forks on the market.

Big air, big drops and unforgiving rock gardens – if you like it rough, you’re going to need the right bike. Fortunately, YT and Canyon have recently released two new bikes for precisely that type of riding, the brand new Canyon Torque and the fundamentally revised YT CAPRA. On paper, they’re very similar, but how do they compare in the real world?

When a passion collides with inspiration, an obsession is born. An obsession can be dangerous, destructive, all-consuming. Or it can result in something truly beautiful. The UNNO Dash is the very definition of an obsession, a bike born of one man’s desire to make the world’s finest bike.

The more I work with geometry tables, the more I have to think of Socrates’ famous sentence: “I know, that I don’t know.” Every new insight automatically raises at least two new questions. Which leads me to the quandary: wouldn’t it be better not to use geometry tables?

‘Deep breaths. In, out, in, out. Just keep pedalling, whatever you do, don’t stop.’ Like a broken record Andy repeat the instructions to himself, a mantra to get up the steep and seemingly never-ending incline. He hasn’t quite envisioned such suffering as we’d headed on this two-day ride together. Just he and his four-year-old daughter in tow. He desperately trying not to tip her over, and she, on other hand, loving every minute of it.

When it comes to bike setup, some of us agonise over the details, making sure everything is ‘just so’. However, there are some whose bikes are so badly setup, we can only imagine they were built in the dark – whilst drunk! Some horrors are down to a healthy lack of OCD attention to detail, while others are true epic fails. Here is our rundown of the top setup faux pas. How many have you been guilty of?

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