The world is way too complex for simple answers to the question of good and bad. In order not to walk into a dogmatic or ideological trap – as often happens in politics, marketing and the media nowadays – we are not trying to preach, but rather to start a discussion: with you, with us, with the industry. How else can you create a better future than by talking about your needs?

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What is right and what is wrong?

Things are happening out there. We may feel that the world is spinning out of control, that one crisis is hot on the heels of the other, and that our climate future looks more sinister than ever. But that’s no reason to despair – by no means. On the contrary. It’s time to act. Never before has there been a generation so concerned about doing the right thing. However, there is a fine line between doing “good” and “good but with unfortunate consequences”. And that’s exactly what we’re taking up in this issue. No worries, though: moralising is not in the picture. We’re all about fun, curiosity and a healthy dose of self-reflection. Instead of complaining and pretending to be a victim of the circumstances and the future, we want to shape our way forward. No ideologies. Just realities.

The Highlights

  • Our big group test and EV buyer’s guide – 6 of the most exciting EVs tested
  • Minimalism on two wheels – The new 2023 Riese & Müller UBN Five singlespeed
  • Come on, let’s go charging! – 10 things you can do to make the most of your time
  • E-Biking in Copenhagen – DOWNTOWN Urban Getaway powered by WINORA
  • The most exciting findings from the DOWNTOWN Reader Survey 2022

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All EVs & bikes in this issue

Fiat 500e | Honda E | KIA EV6 | Opel Rocks-e | Polestar 2 | VW ID.3 | Riese & Müller UBN | Decathlon BTWIN Velocargo | Kalkhoff Endeavour 7 Advance+ | Winora Yakun R5 Pro | Winora Yakun 10 | Winora Yakun 12

What’s this issue got in store?

Electric cars are booming, along with prejudices and half-truths. What should you look for when buying? Which models disappoint, and which deliver? Our big EV group test is here to help you figure what you need, ask critical questions, and route up marketing hype and greenwashing. By doing so, you can avoid buyer’s remorse and find EV happiness.

Riese & Müller asked themselves what makes a good ebike, and what they came up with is the UBN Five singlespeed: a minimalistic city ebike that takes a new approach to the balance between weight, support and design. Has the € 4,999 lifestyle bike got what it takes to win us over with its singlespeed drivetrain and FAZUA Ride 60 motor?

Do you see charging stops as an annoying waste of time? If you do, you haven’t yet realised how much potential there’s behind such an ordinary action! Because charging breaks are a great opportunity to play for time, to learn and do things you wouldn’t otherwise have time to squeeze into your busy everyday routine. So let’s try to complain less and do more, and we will soon be looking forward to the next charging stop.

What is it about Copenhagen’s air of nonchalance that sets stress levels to zero and produces a population that’s one of the happiest in the world? On this DOWNTOWN Urban Getaway Copenhagen powered by WINORA we took to its bike paths to switch on our motors and switch off our racing minds.

If you pay any attention to mobility, you’ll have noticed a tidal shift, but what’s on the horizon? We wanted to get your perspective, which is why we threw open the invitation to our DOWNTOWN Reader Survey 2022 to find out how you currently commute and to explore what today means and what tomorrow holds for moving around our cities.

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Enjoy reading!

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Words: Julian Schwede Photos: diverse

About the author

Julian Schwede

Juli is used to dealing with big rigs. Besides working on his bike, he also tinkered and worked on buses after completing his training as a vehicle mechatronics engineer. Since the development of large-scale electric motors was too slow for him, he went on to study technical business administration while building carbon fibre tables on the side. Though his DJ bike is welded from thick aluminium tubes, his full-susser is made of carbon and it's already taken him to the top of numerous summits. Apart from biking, he likes climbing via ferratas or vertically on the wall. Nowadays, his personal bike gets ridden less as he tests the bikes that get sent to us, pushing them to their limits to see what they're capable of. In addition to bike reviews, Juli also takes care of the daily news and thinks of himself as the Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent.